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How to Increase the Visibility of a Site on Google

by Silvestro Sanna - 23 May 2022, Monday 430 Views Like (0)
How to Increase the Visibility of a Site on Google

With about 3.5 billion searches per day, Google is one of the most used search engines in the world and represents an unparalleled virtual showcase for companies, even and especially Italian ones. 

Making space among the millions of web pages that crowd the network is not easy at all, which is why it is necessary to design an SEO strategy in Italy in detail and update it based on the news and changes related to algorithms, functions and decisions of Big G.

Applying some changes to the inside the site and with the help of tools and contents, including external ones, you can optimize your web pages for search engines. 

And to keep up with the times, let's see immediately what are the techniques and trends that will characterize 2022.

Always start with data: help yourself with Google Analytics

The construction of any strategy must always start from the data that guide and motivate the choices made. If you want to build an SEO strategy for an existing website, Google Analytics is the best ally. 

It offers information on traffic, the most visited pages or the most used devices. This information can be used to understand which topics to focus on, how to address the target and which keywords to use in your content.

The search for the most effective keywords is essential: they are the ones who will make the connection with the target audience in the search engine. 

The keywords, however, are not only written on the search bar, but now users tend to "pronounce them" more and more.

SEO Trend 2021: voice search

Voice search is among the main trends of 2021. In general, users increasingly prefer the voice to writing: let's think about the growth of voice notes sent via messaging apps, the increase in podcasts but also Clubhouse , the most revolutionary social network of the moment, based on voice dialogues between users.

Accomplice of this advance of the "voice" is certainly the spread of smart speakers , which today are also used to carry out online searches . 

It is therefore necessary to set up SEO strategies optimized for voice search . 

For example, compared to the classic query, the questions asked with the voice can be longer. 

Dry keywords become less performing, compared to long and targeted formulations. 

Furthermore, thanks to the geolocation of the device , the engine is also able to answer questions such as "Where can I find a restaurant near here".