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Deciding to Go for a Divorce on Mutual Consent - Know Its Procedures and Cost!

by Sneha Juneja - 27 Jun 2022, Monday 358 Views Like (0)
Deciding to Go for a Divorce on Mutual Consent - Know Its Procedures and Cost!

As time passed, the concept of marriages and relationships has changed; divorce is no longer a taboo in our Country. People have realised this blatant truth that it is better to come out of a disastrous marriage than to stay caged in it and become unhappy. Of course, divorce proceedings are intricate, but so are human relationships, and it can take a toll on your physical and mental health unless you gather the courage to take the bold decision and move apart. 

If you have finally decided to bring your unsatisfied marital bond to an end, the question that you might have next is, what is the mutual divorce cost in India? Well, the mutual divorce cost includes the Court fees for filing your divorce petition and the fees of your Lawyer. Reach out to the best divorce lawyers who provide excellent legal services at an affordable cost.

What is mutual consent divorce?

A divorce on mutual consent is a type of divorce where the spouses decide together to part ways and file a divorce application for the same. This kind of divorce takes only two hearing dates to conclude the matter.

The procedure of mutual divorce

The procedure of mutual consent divorce is simple and will not take long to dissolve the marriage. This further means that you don't have to worry much; regarding your Lawyer's mutual divorce fees, as that will not put you at vast expenses. Below are the legal procedures of the divorce on mutual consent:

  • At first, you have to file a joint application for mutual divorce before the Court after determining the issues like child custody, maintenance etc.

  • Next, you would appear before the Court, and it will scrutinise your divorce application and supporting documents.

  • After that, you would apply for the first motion, and the Court will provide a six month cooling period, failing which you have to appear for the second motion when the Court will pass the decree dissolving your marriage.

Lawyer's fees for Mutual Divorce

Generally, divorce lawyers charge the mutual divorce fees according to their experience, success rate and circumstance of your case. If your case involves matters related to child custody, division of joint property and maintenance, the charges of your lawyer will naturally be high. However, expensive lawyers are not always the best lawyers. You will find young lawyers giving premium services at affordable prices. Hence, be judicious and choose the right person. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I claim custody of my child after a mutual divorce?

No, you have to decide about child custody before filing for divorce. 

Q. I am a Hindu whose marriage is not registered; can I apply for mutual divorce?

Yes, you can apply for mutual divorce. 

Q. How does a lawyer charge for a mutual divorce?

How a lawyer will charge for mutual divorce depends on their personal choice. Consult the best divorce lawyers to have a cost-effective marriage dissolution.


Do you want to know the mutual divorce cost in India? Contact the best matrimonial advocates who will inform you of the cost of mutual divorce and help you get the divorce efficiently at an affordable price.