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How Your Legal Firm Can Create Positive Change in the World

by Rayanne Morriss - 08 Sep 2022, Thursday 223 Views Like (0)
How Your Legal Firm Can Create Positive Change in the World

There are plenty of lawyer jokes to go around, but seriously, attorneys make quite a difference in the well-being of society by fighting for justice. Your legal firm not only advises and represents clients, but it can also create positive change in the world.

Doing Pro Bono Work

The Latin phrase "pro bono" means "for the public good," and some attorneys perform pro bono work, which means that they provide free services, rather than cash or goods, to those in need. Your legal firm can establish this long, American tradition by implementing programs that add pro bono assignments into each lawyer's standard workload. The American Bar Association, recommends that all lawyers donate 50 hours a year to pro bono work.

Having A Client's Back

You hope to never need an attorney for a serious matter, but if you do, a lawyer is there to protect you. In other words, a lawyer's got your back. This legal expert promotes social order by administering the law in a manner that answers the fundamental requirements of justice. Supreme Court Chief Justice of Australia, Justice Spigelman, remarked in 2007 that members of society know they can pursue their lives with a "reasonable degree of security" because of the role lawyers play in the world.

A lawyer isn't just there with the ability to prosecute and defend people with criminal charges. but they are involved in everyday situations such as when you need a will written or want to buy a home, etc.

Building A New Chapter Of Law

Justice should be equitable and accessible for all, but unfortunately in today's modern world, the justice system is drowning in a sea of data. Millions of legal violations are out there along with millions of victims seeking compensation, but it's not always easy to connect until now. Your firm can help to promote justice by uncovering the legal implications of real-world events. You can work with a company that offers lawyers assistance in legal case search so that they can discover violations and extract legal claims from a huge array of data.

Holding Big Players Accountable

When it comes to organizations, corporations or the government who have taken advantage of an individual or group of individuals, a lawyer is there to represent the victim or victims, protect them and hold the big players accountable. Any company can be held liable for federal, state or local law violations. There are attorneys who are specially trained and have the resources and skill to face the big companies and organizations. These legal pros fight to represent your best interests.

Being The Best Advocate For Others

If there were no lawyers around, the world would be an unpredictable place. Imagine that you would have to do your own research into the law and try to apply past decisions to your own case or circumstances. An attorney is an advisor and a great advocate for their client. This legal expert informs you of your rights and how the law proceeds. A lawyer is always there to help guide you through the complications that can arise through the legal system.

Being Community Connectors

Great legal minds have often thought about the role that lawyers play in civilization and humankind. For instance, the late Justice Robert H. Jackson once described a lawyer as one who "understands the structure of society and how its groups interlock and interact." Jackson made those remarks in 1950, adding that a lawyer understands how unstable society would be without law and is a community connector when representing all segments of society.

Becoming A Valuable Mentor

Another way a legal firm can create its beneficial place in society is by giving back to others and being an inspirational force. Getting involved in your community is a wonderful idea and becoming a mentor would be an asset for your firm. There are excellent ways to do this. You could serve as a mentor to an up-and-coming law student. You could also work with school-aged teens with Big Brothers Big Sisters or a similar organization.


Every law firm can make society a better place, and these ideas above are just some of many to consider. Good luck.