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The Significance of the Legal Notice

by sophia emmy - 30 Apr 2022, Saturday 162 Views Like (0)
The Significance of the Legal Notice

There are some occasions when a person wants to take legal action against someone. It can be a property dispute, divorce, check bounce, or eviction. However, before initiating legal action against a person, it is essential to inform them about it.

People  send legal notice  before taking legal action against someone. It is a warning from the sender to the receiver and gives a final opportunity to the receiver to resolve the problem. The legal notice usually helps settle issues outside the court through mediation, negotiation, or arbitration.

Importance of legal notice

The legal notice expresses the intentions of the sender to resolve the problem and gives a chance to avoid court proceedings. The sender can clearly describe his grievances in the legal notice. It provides an opportunity for the receiver to resolve the issue cordially. The legal notice is the first step in initiating the legal proceedings.

When to send a legal notice

The common reasons for sending a legal notice are:

  • To settle property disputes like mortgage, family property division, and tenants’ eviction.
  • To resolve personal conflicts like divorce, child custody, and maintenance.
  • To notify the employer about violation of employee rights, unpaid salary, and wrongful termination of an employee.
  • To notify the employee about violation of HR policies, breach of the employment agreement, and sexual harassment at the workplace.
  • To inform companies about false advertisements, faulty products, and services.

What is in a legal notice???????

All information mentioned in the legal notice is essential.

It has the name and address of the sender and the receiver.

The contents explain the issues between the sender and the receiver and give details about previous communication between them.

The sense mentions the relief needed from the receiver in the last paragraph of the notice.

Legal notice plays a significant role in legal matters, and it is not to be ignored.

Non- acceptance of a legal note gives a wrong impression about the receiver. Generally, all legal notices request a response within 48 or 60 days.

Common mistakes made in responding to a legal notice

Mostly, the receivers fail to respond within the specified time. When there is no response, the sender can take extreme measures.

Receivers should be aware of the section mentioned in the notice. They should not make any mistake in noting the section mentioned in the legal notice.

If the receiver cannot understand the terms mentioned in the notice, they should approach a competent lawyer. The receiver and their advocate’s signature are needed to reply to a legal notification.

The sender's correct address should be included in the reply to eliminate delays that can cause trouble.

The purpose of sending a legal notice is fulfilled only when the receiver receives it or refuses it.

If the receiver does not provide a reply within the mentioned time, the court can pass an ex parte order in favor of the sender.

Advantages of sending legal notice

The legal notice gives information, acts as a written warning, allows out-of-court settlement, brings mutual understanding between the sender and the receiver, removes doubts, and serves as a written record.

People send legal notice to express their intentions to initiate legal measures. It is also sent to commence negotiations and save the costs of going to the court to settle a dispute.

A legal notice is drafted with the help of a lawyer. All details regarding the issue need to be shared with the lawyer. Sending a legal notice has become an easy procedure, and it helps to solve many problems.