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Why You Need Driving License Translation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi?

by Britton Chivers - 22 Jun 2022, Wednesday 198 Views Like (0)
Why You Need Driving License Translation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi?

Driving license translation in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is something that you need to have if you are moving to Dubai or any other city in the UAE, and you don’t speak Arabic.

In addition to your national driving license, you need your International Driving License Translation from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Department of Traffic & Roads Agency (DOTRA) translated into Arabic language by an authorized translator, as required by local UAE Law.

What Is Driving License Translation in Dubai?

Do you know what is driving license translation in Dubai and other cities of UAE?

A driving license translation in Dubai is mandatory for non-native drivers. If you are non-native and want to drive, then you will have to have a copy of your driving license translated into Arabic.

If not, you will be unable to take your practical test and obtain a driver’s license from an authority like RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) or one issued by police departments.

The same rule applies for business licenses that must be translated into Arabic for them to remain valid.

The Benefits of Licence Translation in Dubai

If you have just moved to UAE, then getting a driving license is one of your foremost priorities.

In order to ensure that you will drive safely and respect all traffic rules, you need to get yourself registered with RTA (Roads and Transport Authority).

It is a small part of getting your residence done but it holds great importance since it can make or break your chances at owning a car in Dubai.

The procedure requires some documents which are translated into Arabic by certified translators like AA Translations LLC.

So why do you need a driving license translation in Dubai? Let us see...

What Documents Are Required for Licence Translation

For individuals to drive a vehicle, you must possess a license which is issued by either an agency of your home country or a local driving authority.

A drivering license translation in Dubai is required for several reasons: This will allow foreign individuals to enjoy driving privileges on UAE roads and reduce congestion from non-Arabic speaking drivers.

They can avoid fines and inconveniences if caught driving without one at their disposal.

Motorists don’t want their home country's license confiscated or expired licenses, so they take proper steps to translate documents to conform with UAE policies.

The bottom line is that everyone wants convenience when visiting other countries; don't let technicalities stop you from enjoying life!

These few tips will get you on your way through licensing translations in Dubai.

Where To Apply

Which Department Does Driving License Translation in Dubai? Every one of us wishes to stay away from any hurdle while moving around and want easy approval for all our documents.

If you’re new to UAE and wish to apply license or driving license, then it is necessary for you to apply correctly at relevant places and at right time.

Get an appointment letter: After securing a job offer or visa, visit Traffic Department (Technical Section) of Dubai Police Headquarters at Khalid Bin Waleed Road.

Traffic department opens between 9:00am-11:30am on weekdays; therefore, it is advisable that applicants go during working hours as late arrivals may have their application rejected due to other pending applications during off-peak hours.

When Can You Get Your Licence Translated

How long does it take to get a license translated in Dubai or Abu Dhabi?

To answer that question, we’re going to first go over some basics about why you would need a driving license translation in Dubai.

And then explain what you should expect when working with Translators UAE.

The official driving license translation in Dubai process takes between 4 – 5 days from start to finish.

That time period is only valid if you have all of your documents ready to submit and there are no hold ups within our team.

If any corrections are needed, there will be additional fees charged per change that needs to be made.

Should any of your information not match on either government forms (i.e.: license, passport).

An administrative fee is added onto your final cost per each correction required by law.

How Long Does It Take?

Despite new regulations that come into effect starting July 1, 2015, translations of foreign driving licenses will continue to be a necessary part of life for expats and residents of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Drivers applying for or renewing their UAE driver’s license need to ensure that their driving credentials are translated and legalised (authenticated) before being submitted.

While many may assume that it takes only a day or two to complete such procedures, that is not usually the case.

In fact, a driving license translation in Dubai can often take longer than many expats would like or expect—sometimes upwards of 10 business days for all documents to be processed.

This can be somewhat frustrating for individuals who are ready to start driving on their own and have waited months or even years to apply.

Which UAE Embassy Do I Choose?

While many of your friends will give you advice based on cost or convenience. What they don’t realize is that every embassy handles translation requests differently.

If you make a mistake and choose an embassy with a less-than-stellar reputation, it can cost you thousands.

The driving license translation in Dubai process also varies by country. If you're confused about which embassy to go to—or just want some advice— give us a call at 050-8831906 (9:00 am - 6:00 pm).

We offer free consultations and are happy to help! Looking for Driving license translation in Dubai?