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6 Hand-Made Rakhis for Kids That Are Super Easy to Make

by Rakhi Celebrations - 18 Jul 2022, Monday 343 Views Like (0)
6 Hand-Made Rakhis for Kids That Are Super Easy to Make

???????Raksha bandhan is a bond of love between brothers and sisters. Siblings specially wait for this day to do something special for someone they love and care. If your brother is just a kid who loves rakhi just like any other kid does, you can easily please him with the best rakhi for kids. Here are a few ideas for preparing hand-made rakhis for kids. 

So, in the coming Raksha Bandhan, indulge in DIY and make a special child in your life feel special. All you need to make these rakhis are sequins, wool, ribbons, foams, pipe-cleaners, wooden beads, ribbons, stickers etc. These materials are easily available at home. 

Super Cute Foam Rakhi for Kids For Preschoolers:

You can cut any shape which your brother likes. For instance, it can be a shape of sun, star, rose or any other thing. If you are making a sun rakhi for him, cut yellow color foam in a round shape, cut its rays from red color foam and stick black buttons on the round sun to make eyes of the sun. With a red color sketch pen draw smiley of the sun. Finally, cut a wrist-length satin ribbon and paste it beneath the round shape portion. 

The super cool rakhi for toddlers is ready. Similar to sun rakhi you can prepare star, flower, butterfly or any other shape that your brother loves. 

Hand-made Wooden Beads Rakhi:

Hand-made wooden beads rakhi can be best rakhi for kids, if you make it properly at home. All you need to prepare this Rakhi is one thread, colorful beads and one big wooden bead at the center. You can take several colorful beads and start putting them in both the sides of the wooden bead. 

*You can take any color or size according to your requirement. 

Hand-made Quilled Rakhi:

Quilling is like adding beauty to the craft and quilled rakhi looks immensely elegant and beautiful. Quilled rakhis for kids look immensely beautiful. Make paper quills of different shapes and sizes. Yellow and red or any other bright colors look pretty. Paste a round stone sticker right at the center of each quill. Now stick the paper quills in the shape of flower and you can stick petal shapes on either ends. 

Once you are sure that stones are properly pasted over the quills, you can place this beautiful quilled flower on a stone lace of matching color. 

Crochet Yarn Rakhi:

Making this rakhi is little complicated. But, it looks beautiful. If you can make a pom-pom, you will be able to make this rakhi very easily. All you need to do is to take a bright color yarn and make a crochet design. It is a needlework made by looping thread over and over on a hooked needle. You can take any color of your choice, make a crochet and then sew it on a wrist-length yarn with beads on it. 

Cartoon Rakhis:

Cartoon rakhis are super easy to make and kids simply adore this rakhi. All you need is a sticker of their favorite cartoon character and sew the same over a colorful yarn twist. Put beads on either sides of this wrist-length yarn thread. You can choose to pick up favorite cartoon character of your brother or vehicle or any other similar thing that he/she likes. 

Hand-made Foam Sheet Rakhi: 

As a kid your brother may be using foam sheets for craft in school. You can use the same foam sheets and can make attractive rakhis for your brother. All you need to do is to paste the foam sheet in a shape convenient to you. You can paste beads and stickers of your choice over it. This simple but elegant rakhi can make your brother really happy.

Bottom line: 

It is easy to please kids and with the above given handmade rakhis you can not only please them but can also show your love and care to them. Kids are fond of “rakhis” and they wait for this festival all the year long. In the coming “Raksha Bandhan” let your brother feel that he has a special place in your heart by sparing sometime in making hand-made rakhis or buy Rakhi Online. These rakhis are the best rakhis for kids