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How to Select the Perfect Birthday Gift for Your Spouse

by Maggie Bloom - 26 Jul 2022, Tuesday 149 Views Like (0)
How to Select the Perfect Birthday Gift for Your Spouse

Gift-giving can be surprisingly easy when the recipient is someone you barely know. Simple, general-interest presents often fit the bill. However, when you're buying a gift for your significant other, the stakes are much higher. No one is supposed to know your spouse and their personal interests better than you. Thus, these purchases can be fraught with anxiety and indecision, especially when expectations are high. Fortunately, there are several things that you can do to ensure an amazing outcome.

  • Replace Beloved Items That Have Become Old and Worn

Is your significant other regularly stretching out on a threadbare recliner that's missing half of its stuffing? Does your spouse have a favorite pair of slippers that are grown discolored or become worn at the soles? Sometimes the easiest way to choose a gift for a loved one is by paying attention to the things that they use the most. Although they already own these items, they may no longer be in a truly usable condition.

However, when buying a gift to replace a favorite item, never make the mistake of throwing the old item out yourself. Let your spouse view their gift, test it out, and decide whether or not it's a worthy replacement. Worn, threadbare belongings are often retained for their sentimental value and should only be discarded by owners themselves.

  • Restore Sentimental Items or Find Ways to Protect Them

Not every worn item of sentimental value needs to be replaced. You can consider restoring some things back to their original condition instead. This could be anything from having reprints made of old black-and-white photographs to having an upholster come into your to refurbish an old ottoman. Is your spouse hanging onto an aged tool or tackle box that their grandfather carried around but has never quite gotten around to fixing it? If so, professional restoration services could be an excellent choice for a gift. If your spouse has recipe cards that have been passed down from generation to generation, buying a decorative recipe card holder is a great way to prevent them from sustaining additional wear. Gifts like these show that you're paying attention.

Much like replacing care-worn items, some restorations should be cautiously performed. For instance, rather than surprising your spouse with a fully restored item, book and advance pay for restoration services, and then let your significant other open a brochure or a sampling of the restoration company's portfolio on the day of their celebration. Although repairing an antique watch for your spouse might seem like a good idea, certain restoration methods may diminish both sentimental and intrinsic value.

  • Get Professional Help From a Third-Party

Sometimes the pressure to find the perfect gift causes people to hit a mental wall. When you're anxious about something, your creative juices and problem-solving skills suffer. The good news is that you don't have to handle the gift-giving process all on your own. There are professional gift advisors and online gift-finding tools that are designed to make it all infinitely easier. When looking for gifts for your boyfriend, your husband, your girlfriend, or your wife, you can use these resources to get some fresh ideas and new inspiration. With online gift finder tools, all you have to do is key in the recipient's age, relationship to you, the occasion that you're celebrating, and your targeted price point. You can also specify their interests to further refine your search results.

  • Sign Your Spouse up for a Sampler

Who doesn't love samplers? If you have a beer, wine, cheese, or chocolate lover in your life, look for beverage and gourmet food suppliers who will send an assortment of new products to your significant other to try each month. There are also comprehensive sampler packs that you can purchase in-store. You can find collections for hot sauce enthusiasts, avid candle collectors, people who like tart, fruity ales, and those who enjoy exploring artisanal beauty and self-care products.

  • Schedule a Shopping Date

Gift-giving can become increasingly difficult in romantic relationships as the years go by. As people come to know their spouses and their spouses' interests better, they also rack up a number of gift ideas that have already been overused. There are only so many ties, tie clips, shaving sets, flower arrangements, and gift baskets that a person can graciously accept. If you've been married, dating, or living with your significant other for quite a long while, now may be an excellent time to schedule a surprise shopping trip. Treat your significant other to lunch and an all-expenses-paid excursion to their favorite boutique or store. Watching them pick out items for themselves will help you get a better idea of how to shop on your own for future celebrations.

  • Choose Between Functional Gifts and Romantic Gifts

One of the best ways to choose a gift that your spouse is sure to love is by determining whether they prefer romance or function. Practical people tend to enjoy services and products that add measurable value to their lives and that they can actually use. If you have a practical spouse who regularly washes their own vehicle, you can visit a local auto supply store and load up on auto waxing supplies, wheel cleaners, and more. Practical husbands like power tools, grilling supplies, and quality shaving implements. Women who are practical enjoy gift cards, personal office supplies, health, beauty, and wellness products, and spa or salon services.

If you're living with a die-hard romantic, you can still get them practical items. However, you have to be romantic in their presentation. Wrap them beautifully and include a thoughtful card or poem. Make sure that your gift card states why you chose the items that you did and that it frames your inspiration for buying the gift in a thoughtful and caring way.

  • Appeal to the Child Within

Sometimes the best presents are those that allow people to be carefree and revert back to their younger selves. You may be surprised to discover that your loved one wants a gaming system, a dart board, a ping pong table, or a pinball machine. Some spouses are pining away for roller skates and jigsaw puzzles, but never take the time to buy these things for themselves. Think about your spouse's inner child and then load them up with the perfect gifts for escapism, afternoon fun, or daring adventures.

Don't let the fear of choosing the wrong gift keep you from finding the right one. Anxiety can make gift-giving an unpleasant and overly challenging process. With the tips above and the assistance of online gift-finding tools, you can choose the perfect present for your spouse for every occasion.