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Rise of Salon at Home for Females

by Prashant Kumar - 25 Aug 2022, Thursday 102 Views Like (0)
Rise of Salon at Home for Females

Salon at home for females is predominantly a new way of providing salon services to females in their own homes. At-home salon for females has been around for quite a while and it has now established themselves among the customers at the core of which are females. All services females can think of are available via salon-at-home professionals ranging from waxing and facials to hair services and even top-notch and premium category services like nail art and bridal makeovers as well. Such is the management skill of the at-home salon industry that has thrust itself as a major supportive pillar in today’s society against which women can lean and put their trust. But, how did it all happen, and what were the factors that were important for the establishment of salon at home for females, that we are going to discuss?

  • Why salon at home for females was started?

Salon at home is pretty much like taking services from a regular salon except of course in the salon at home the salon services literally walk into your home. But why was there even the need to feed the process of providing services in reverse to the customers in the first place? The answer to that is pretty simple – “lack of time”. Salon at home was started basically for those females who had become so busy that they had time to take care of themselves due to the obligations that they had towards their profession and at times personal life. These obligations are still persistent though. 

There was a time when women were not as much involved in some professions and were mainly taking care of their homes and children. But times have changed and now, almost all educated girls have dreams and ambitions that they desperately pursue. Working at par with their men counterparts and proving their mettle they successfully established successful careers and long-term goals but as with men, it all came at a price. The price of having little to no time on hand and hence not being able to take timely care of themselves. Women have cared for their grooming and beauty for centuries and this was when they realized that they needed an alternative. 

In time, looking at this paradigm shift, it was envisioned by the market soothsayers that a need for a salon to be taken into the home might just be the new call of the market and that is exactly when salons were prepared to go the other way around. 

  • How did the women respond to the initial salon at home?

Salon at home services was looked at with some skepticism which was just normal as anything new is always doubted at first before it is believed and accepted. The whole new concept of a salon professional inside your home to provide services that you could take from your salon was basically looked down upon and did not have much seriousness among the people. There definitely was a struggling period with a lot of persuasions involved in the initial phase but persistence soon paid off and most women gladly threw open their doors to salon-at-home industry professionals. 

Once the women tried salon-at-home service for themselves and what they experienced just went much beyond their expectations. The services that were (and still are) available with salons at home were priced at one-third the price of a regular salon and what further backed the trust of the customers was the use of authentic and original products of influential brands. The professionals were all trained through vigorous training sessions and gave such quality services that the first few customers were elevated to beyond satisfaction. Positive word of mouth spread out like wildfire and from there on it was no looking back for home salon services. 

And that is when the foundation stone of salon at home services was laid down in concrete cement, there to stay. 

  • What led to its real acceptance among women?

Though quality services with original products were definitely key building blocks for the initial establishment of the salon at home service platform, other factors also played their role. Let us have a look at them.

  • Convenience of time

Since the entire salon-at-home concept was basically to provide quality service to women who were running short of time, this is exactly what was delivered to them. The freedom to choose their beloved services at their preferred time and venue seemed to be the top priority of the women. The services that were being missed upon were could now be taken easily without much hassle from trusted personal help to reinforce the confidence of women in the at-home salon industry. 

  • Use of disinfectant and sanitizers

One must never forget that in the initial and formative years of the salon at-home industry, the world came under seizure for at least one complete year. Where established businesses went into losses and many others went bankrupt, it was this brink of extinction that the newly founded salon-at-home industry had to fight. It soon turned out to be a blessing in disguise. The way the industry quickly adapted itself to making use of disinfectants and sanitizers with the strict instruction that all the beauty professionals will sanitize themselves and disinfect the tools before serving any customer and regular track of body temperature paved the way even further winning the confidence of women and the entire public in general. It carved the image of the entire industry as responsible and workers as followers of hardcore ethics that salon at home continued to sail amidst the COVID tempest when most of the other businesses were either sinking or trying hard to just stay afloat. 

Because of these major reasons the trust of the women in at-home salon services grew and established itself as worthy of their respect which directly translated into an increase in booking of appointments of salon at home for females in Delhi NCR and other cities of the country. Such was the love that was showered upon the whole industry that led to the rise and establishment of a whole new field of profession.