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What to Consider When Buying a Custom Hair System

by azraaysel azraaysel - 22 Jun 2022, Wednesday 388 Views Like (0)
What to Consider When Buying a Custom Hair System

If you're looking for a new look, there are several things to consider when deciding on a custom hair system. If you're unsure about the process, read this article to learn more. We'll explore whether or not bonding is a good option, why Silk or Poly base materials are better for custom hair systems, and why Chinese virgin hair adds instant volume. This information will help you make the best choice for your hairpiece.

Bonding is a viable option for custom hair systems

There are a number of advantages to bonding as a custom hair system attachment. Unlike other systems, a bonded hair system is more stable than a free-standing one. A bonded hair system can be worn for several weeks before re-bonding is required. However, you should know that it is still an expensive option and may not be suitable for everyone. A qualified salon will perform bonding in a safe and effective manner.

A bonded hair system works by gluing or tape to your scalp. It is especially suitable for people with a bald patch caused by radiation treatments. It can be attached to any base, including lace fronts. Bonding requires special care, but can last for up to six weeks. It is important to care for your scalp while wearing a hair system. Clean scalp prevents adhesives from irritating the scalp and ensuring a strong bond.
Poly base is more durable than lace base

There are many reasons why you might choose a poly base for a custom hair system

including durability and natural-lookingness. One of the main advantages of poly is that it is more breathable and can handle higher densities than lace systems. Poly bases can also look more natural, since there will be no front hairline. Poly bases are also easier to clean than lace bases. Some people who wear poly systems for extended periods of time use red liner tape before using stronger tape. This does not affect the strength of the hold.

One drawback of poly is that it can shed easier. Lace is more durable than poly, but it cannot hold heavier densities. Poly is much less expensive than lace, but lace is still the more natural option for most people. Poly is also more breathable than lace, so it can handle sweat better. Despite its durability, lace is the most natural base for a custom hair system, and many people prefer it for this reason.
Silk base is glossier

The silk base on a custom hair system looks and feels more like your scalp

Its unique design and ventilation method make it look like your own hair. Custom hair systems are made with two layers of fabric: the top and middle layers. Because of the different materials used, the base looks glossier than hair pieces with a synthetic base. Because of this, silk top systems are the best option for people who want to look as natural as possible.

Silk base is also the most comfortable. Compared to poly bases, silk bases are more comfortable and glide smoothly across the scalp. A silk base is perfect for men with sensitive scalps as it provides coverage without irritating the scalp. Silk bases are also softer than other materials and make a hair system more durable and comfortable. Silk bases are the preferred choice for men. The softer and glossier the base, the better.

Chinese virgin hair adds instant volume

When you buy hair extensions online, it is easy to get overwhelmed by all the choices. From "luxury virgin hair" from Brazil to "pure Mongolian hair," from lustrous European weaves to sleek Asian tresses, there is a wide range of options available. While some of these are natural, others are made in factories that use chemicals and are thus not as healthy for your hair. You may also be wondering if Chinese hair is worth the price.

Toupees are a custom hair system

A toupee is a wig that is designed specifically for men, usually to cover bald spots. These hairpieces are customized to fit the consumer's needs and style. A toupee is made from fine mono in the center and PU coated all over the perimeter. The front part of the toupee is super fine welded mono. A toupee is custom-made to match the wearer's style and hair color.

A toupee is typically made from human hair. Because stock human hair is available in a limited variety of textures, colors, and lengths, a toupee cannot be designed to match the person's hairstyle or color.