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The Importance of Having the Right Media Placement Strategy for Your Brand

by SeO Expertz - 10 Dec 2021, Friday 354 Views Like (0)
The Importance of Having the Right Media Placement Strategy for Your Brand

Do you want to start a passion project? Do you want your brand to become popular? If so, then you need to invest in advertising your brand. For this, you need the right media placement strategy.

To get insight on media placement and the importance of its strategies, keep on reading!

What Is Media Placement?

Media placement is the process of choosing and purchasing placements for advertisement on digital and physical channels, such as websites, apps, billboards, etc. It is the main part of media planning and the media buying process.

Multiple media companies come up with their own strategy for media placement. For example, one company may place their eye-opening article on the first page of a magazine, while another company may place their most interesting article on the third page.

Importance of Right Media Placement Strategy

Optimum Use of Resources:

Advertising is expensive, but through media planning, you can use the available resources in the best way possible. When it comes to media planning, you have to select a combination of media and a time that will help with the placement of your brand is targeting the most significant number of audiences at a low cost.

In the absence of proper media planning, you will end up choosing expensive media which may not attract a good amount of your brandsí targeted audience.

Aids in Achieving Advertising Goals:

The right media placement strategy is a part of an overall advertising plan for your brand. Media planning is designed in a way to achieve the marketing and advertising objectives of your brand.

Being cluster of right decisions such as appropriate media, appropriate media mix, and the schedule of the advertisement media planning help the brand in achieving advertising objectives -  to communicate the message to a target audience and thus to promote sales.

For example, academic help services like Do my Essay UK usually advertise their services during the holiday seasons Ė Christmas, thanksgiving, etc. This is the time when students go back to their families for get-togethers and take help from academic help services to save time for it.

Selection of a Proper Media:

To have the correct product placement strategy for your brand, you need to compare different media based on a few factors:

  • Cost per reader
  • Cost per viewer
  • Media coverage
  • Media image
  • Media rating and much more

For example:

  • If your brand offers students to buy essay cheap then social media will be your appropriate media because students tend to use platforms like Instagram and YouTube a lot more these days than ever before.
  • If you want to target a specific professional group, professional journals and magazines will be your appropriate choice of media.

Media planning ensures that your brand is communicated through the selected media as per its message requirement. For example, if you are selling an insurance policy, conveying the importance of getting life insurance is better done through a television advertisement. This is because television provides visuals and audio to aid in understanding your brand.

Selection of a Finest Media Mix:

Media placement strategies are important because they allow you to opt for a good media combination according to your brand. With the use of different media combinations, you can get wide and intensive coverage of your target audience. This will enhance the chances of achieving your brandís goals.

A single media does not ensure communication with all your target audience because their exposure to that certain media can be minimized depending on their schedules. A well-planned media combination assures you that your brandís advertisement will attract more audiences at a lower cost and increase profits.

Helps In Allotting Advertising Budget:

A proper brand placement strategy helps you decide the time which should be spent on different media. This will further aid you in allocating the advertisement budget among different media types and their sources.

For this, you can do some market research and invest in media that has the greatest profits when it comes to the category of your brand. You can also take a look at your top competitors regarding how they allocate their advertisement budgets to come up with a better strategy.

Ensures Good Timing of Advertisement:

You can only get the best results of your product placement when you display the advertisement at an appropriate time. Media planning involves media scheduling Ė deciding the place and time of the advertisement in media. It decides the month, day, and down to the exact hour of the advertisement.

It ensures that advertisement is shown more often in seasonal months and less often in off-season months. Moreover, it guarantees that the advertisement will be shown at a time where it can engage the maximum target audience.

For Example:

If your brandís target audience is children, the most appropriate time to show its advertisements will be in the morning before they head to school and in the afternoon when they come back from school.

Helps In Exercising Media Control:

When deciding on a media placement strategy it is important to remember that in a media plan some standards of performance are permanent. These standards are present in regards to the exposure to a target audience.

Such principles help the management in assessing the effectiveness of a media - is the coverage of a target audience in accordance with the set standards or not? If the coverage falls bellows the standards then it means that a certain type of media is inefficient for your brand. This means you now have to look for another media. Thus, the right media placement strategies help in exercising control over media.


This is all your need to know about the importance that proper media placement strategies have for your brand. Now go ahead and come up with a few effective tactics to make your brand successful.