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10 Best Free PDF Editor Apps for Android Devices

by John Murphy - 15 Jun 2022, Wednesday 484 Views Like (0)
10 Best Free PDF Editor Apps for Android Devices

Do you want to send the documents to the android devices?  Some people thought that sending the files on android devices is impossible. But there are different pdf editor app that make the work easy. You can easily send the files by using these apps. When you want to convert the pdf editor text to pdf, a different app gives you that opportunity. Now it is easy for all the working people to convert documents and files into pdf. 

It is a very safe way to send the documents without any issue. There are a variety of apps that facilitate their customers by providing the pdf editor app for free download. You cannot pay for these apps and enjoy them without any tension. 

  1. Xodo PDF

Without any stress, you can download this app on the google play store. Without any hassle, you can do all the pdf editing because it is a pdf editor app for free download. The document can also be scanned by using the simple camera of the android phone. Text can also be highlighted in it. 

It is very simple to use and with a few clicks, you can get excellent results. All the features in the Xodo app are interesting. The plus point of this app is that you can easily add new text. When you have done your work it can easily be saved. You can also send it to others by using the sending option in it. 

  1. MJ Pdf Editor

It is one of the best features of the app. When we talk about its features, all the features are up to date. 

The viewing, editing and protection of the file's features are the best. It is a helpful pdf editor when you want to do work on android devices. 

Its unique functionality such as merge pdf files and split pdf files makes it popular among all. By using the MJ PDF Editor you can convert your files into different formats. Text can be underlined and highlighted easily by using this app. You can get all the pdf editor features on this app.

  1. Kdan PDF reader 

Another most popular app for editing the pdf document is the Kdan PDF reader. It has also features that help to view, edit and convert the documents. This pdf editor app is a very useful app. If you want to use this app you just open the pdf file in the pdf reader app. When selecting the signature tool and creating the new file. Then, attach the signature file to the pdf file. 

If you want to share the file with your friends, you can easily send it. There is no long term process to edit and know the sending process..

  1. Mobi systems office suite

Mobi systems office suits are the free pdf editor. It is commonly used as an office suite application. It has great features of viewing and editing pdf files. This app is developed by the Mobi system in 2004. 

Word, PowerPoint and pdf documents can easily be viewed and edited by using with pdf editor. This type of app gives full secured services to their clients.

  1. Pdf Element

It is a rich feature element that is used to read, edit and annotate the pdf files. This pdf editor app makes the hard work easy by facilitating millions of users. It can easily be installed on android devices. Therefore, many of the users use it because it is a pdf editor app for android free.  

It is safe to download the app with friendly features. You can easily maintain this pdf editor app.

  1. Adobe  Acrobat Reader

It is a powerful app when you want to manage and view the file. You can easily edit the files online without any hassle. There is the freedom to create any pdf file. You can also add the comments in the adobe acrobat reader.

  1. Foxit mobile Pdf

It gives its users an exciting feature. It is a reader that reads the files and you can also share and manage the files on mobile devices. It is helpful for viewing and sharing files on mobile and other desktop devices. 

  1. Small pdf

It is another amazing pdf editor. It has many useful features that help to read, view and edit the files. You can easily access this pdf editor app without spending more money. It is the absolutely best app that can send and receive files without any security issues.

  1. Pdf reader pro

If you are in the search of an app that provides you with a complete facility of view and editing files. You can also scan your files by using this pdf.  Google play store also gives you the advantage of a free pdf editor app download.

  1.  Ez pdf reader

Just like another app EZ pdf reader also has the features like viewing and editing the files with up to date features. By using this app, you can split or merge the documents.  It is also compatible to be used with many devices and android users take advantage of itís features.


There are a variety of pdf editors. You can select them according to your need and avail the facility to convert them into pdf files. You can download the editors from the android play store to stand out. There are many softwares and apps  available to help with all your conversion needs.