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Apple’s Icloud for Window Supports the Prores and Proraw Format — Confirmed

by Ruby Singh - 03 Jun 2022, Friday 395 Views Like (0)
Apple’s Icloud for Window Supports the Prores and Proraw Format — Confirmed

iCloud was earlier available for iOS users to secure their sensitive data. After the latest update, Windows users can also use this application on their devices. Apple made a significant improvement in this cloud-based service. Earlier, the developing team added features, like Hide My Email and Private Relay. Recently, Apple unveiled the ProRes and ProRAW support on iCloud for Windows. 

Windows users can share the media files with iOS users via iCloud. But, it is important to set up an iCloud account first. Once done, choose the images or videos that you want to share. Besides, the file owner can now remove others from the shared list. 

Do you want to add new participants on iCloud? Update this iOS application, tap on “shared file or folder, " and edit this option. 

Tap on “Add People” or “Send Link” to send ProRes and ProRAW files. But, to avail these benefits, you must install iCloud on Windows devices. Open Microsoft Store, search for this media sharing app and tap on “Get”. 

Select iCloud, provide the login details to access the email and calendar. And, switch to Windows 10 or 11 to get the iCloud contents.

Why Did Apple Introduce ProRAW on iCloud for Windows?

Currently, the ProRAW format is available on the latest iPhone. And, Apple emphasised improving the camera technology by adding it. iPhone users can now capture HDR pictures enabling this feature. 

Besides, it provides more flexibility in editing photos without installing third-party software. ProRAW is better than the other file formats, like JPEG or HEIC, and it helps the users to save a 12-bit image file on iPhones. 

Earlier, iPhone’s picture used to fade while zooming in. Apple has fixed this issue by including this new image format iCloud. But, previously, this camera format wasn't supported either in Windows 10 or later versions. 

To make the file sharing option easier, Apple developed the iCloud for Windows app. And, with this program, you can now transfer any iCloud media within a minute. Can’t send the ProRAW images? Contact the iPhone Repair Dubai experts for an instant solution. 

When will ProRAW Format be Available on iCloud for Windows?

Apple keeps on updating the iPhone camera features to improve users’ experience. And, after the iOS 14.3 update, the iCloud for Windows app got the ProRAW support. But unfortunately, this image format only works on iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. If you use iPhone 12 Mini, you won’t be able to capture or share images in this format. 

Do you use the latest iPhone 13 model? Then, you can’t share ProRAW images on Windows PCs or laptops. Besides, the images in this file format won’t open on any other iPhones. An “image is not available” message will pop up instead on the iPhone's screen. But, it can be expected that Apple might add this format in the iOS 15 or later version in future.

Why did Apple Add the ProRes Video Format in iCloud for Windows?

Apple made many changes in the Camera app in the iOS 15 update. It now has better video recording capabilities and features. iPhone owners can save high-resolution videos in ProRes format. 

Besides, Apple’s ProRes lets you optimise the recorded videos. This format is useful for professionals who colour grade or use editing software. And, you can share the iPhone videos on apps like Final Cut X or Adobe Premiere Pro.

ProRes video files also have a lower compression ratio than H.264 and H.265 codecs. It increases the video quality and clarity of the latest iPhones. Additionally, this video format allows users to encode and decode efficiently. 

Along with iPhones, iPad Mini has ProRes support. Windows users can download the ProRes files also from the latest MacBooks. Open iCloud, sync the video files and transfer that over the internet. 

When is ProRes Format about to Roll out on iCloud for Windows?

Apple first revealed ProRes during September's California Streaming event. And, finally, it debuted the ProRes format with the release of the iPhone 13 Pro. Additionally, the iPhone 13 Pro Max users can share the videos in this format on Windows PCs. 

But, many faced issues while installing iCloud for Windows 11 or later. Because you must have a Microsoft account to download this iOS app on the device. 

Ensure there is enough space on the iPhone and computer. Otherwise, you can’t restore the ProRews files on the iCloud for Windows app. 

Can’t share the invite link with the other iCloud users? Uninstall the app from the Windows device, go to the Microsoft Store and install the latest one. Besides, the video needs to be in HDR or SDR format. Or else, the files can’t be accessed from a laptop or PC.

How to Enable ProRAW and ProRes on the Latest iPhones?

Without signing in to iCloud, you can’t use ProRes and ProRAW format. Thus, check whether you have added an iCloud account on the iPhones. 

Don’t know how to check that? Open the Settings app, choose the Sign In option, and enter the Apple ID. Write the iPhone iCloud password when prompted. Then, enter the six-digit verification code to complete the sign in. 

Now, go to “Settings”, tap on “Camera”, and select “Formats”. Get into the “Photo Capture” section and toggle on Apple ProRAW. Moreover, you need to open the Camera app and choose “RAW” to capture ProRAW photos. When taking images in the default camera formats, such as JPEG, disable this option. And, turn on “High Efficiency” to save the files in the HEIF format. 

To enable ProRes, open iPhone settings and locate the Camera app. Move to the “Formats'' tab click  “Photo Capture” to enable Apple ProRAW. While recording videos in this mode, tap “ProRes'' after turning on the camera. Use either the HLG or SDR format to save the ProRes videos on iPhone 13 models. Free up at least 10% of the iPhone storage to use this video feature. 

How to Download the ProRAW and ProRes Contents on the iCloud for Windows App?

Open the iCloud app from Windows computers or laptops. Copy the captured ProRAW images and ProRes videos and paste them into iCloud. It might take 20-30 minutes to complete the file uploading process. Sometimes, iCloud could take more time if the file size is large. 

Additionally, it is important to have a stable Wi-Fi connection, and otherwise, it might hinder the media transfer process. Once done, tap on “Download” to save the ProRes and ProRAW files on Windows devices. 

Can’t find the recently shared photos? Change the content format to fix this issue. 

Storage Capacity required to Use ProRes on iPhones -

It's important to have adequate space on the iPhone to take high-resolution ProRes videos. Do you want to take 4K videos at 30 frames per second? Make sure there is at least 256GB of space on the device. And, you will need approximately 512GB to 1TB storage to record 1080p HD videos at 25 fps. iPhone users can capture professional videos at 60 fps in the ProRes format. Change the camera settings and use Focus mode to get better results.

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