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This Raksha Bandhan, PM Modi’s Pakistani Sister Will Tie Him a Rakhi: A Gesture of Love That Trans

by Faseeh Aamir - 21 Aug 2023, Monday 293 Views Like (0)
This Raksha Bandhan, PM Modi’s Pakistani Sister Will Tie Him a Rakhi: A Gesture of Love That Trans

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated with great enthusiasm and love in India and the Indian sub-continent. It is a traditional Hindu festival that highlights the bond of protection, care, and love between brothers and sisters. One of the most heartwarming instances this year involving this age-old custom is the extraordinary story of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's "Pakistani sister."

Qamar Mohsin Shaikh originally hails from Pakistan but has been residing in India for over two decades now. She met PM Modi during his visit to Gondal, a small town near Rajkot in Gujarat, back in 1990. Since then, Shaikh has maintained her bond with Mr. Modi by sending him rakhis every year, and this year will be no different.

In an interview with ANI, Shaikh expressed her gratitude for PM Modi’s unfaltering support. "In the beginning, I only sent him rakhis through post. However, as he became more prominent in the political sphere and started visiting Rajkot frequently, he ensured that I could tie rakhi to his wrist personally," she divulged.

What makes this gesture more remarkable is its ability to transcend borders, despite the ongoing tension and political differences between India and Pakistan. The rare instances when these two nation's people come together in such bonds reflect their shared culture and history.

Shaikh’s story also exemplifies how relationships can foster deep connections regardless of geographic boundaries or political affiliations. At its core, the festival of Raksha Bandhan embodies virtues such as protection, care, love, and duty towards one another – values which resonate well beyond any borders.

When asked about her message for PM Modi on this special occasion, Shaikh responded: "My only prayer to God for Modiji is that he continues to serve the nation with the same zeal and enthusiasm. I hope he remains in the service of India's people for many more years to come."

In an era marked by political tensions, frayed relationships, and incessant debates, the story of PM Modi and his Pakistani sister Qamar Mohsin Shaikh emerges as a beacon of hope, exemplifying the power of love and its potential to overcome obstacles.

As we celebrate this Raksha Bandhan, let us take a moment to reflect on how such instances of love can bring people closer and foster better understanding between nations. In doing so, we strengthen bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood on both personal and national levels.

In conclusion, this beautiful narrative signifies that love has no limitations or borders. The tale of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Pakistani sister tying him a rakhi on Raksha Bandhan exemplifies the essence of this sentiment. It is a timely reminder that love and warmth can persist even in the face of political differences, ultimately leading us towards a world with more unity and cohesion