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Why Canít You Get a Stranger Out of Your Mind

by Bobby Bhatia - 28 Jul 2022, Thursday 181 Views Like (0)
Why Canít You Get a Stranger Out of Your Mind

Did you catch yourself thinking about someone last night after falling asleep? In fact, do you find yourself thinking about strangers a lot?

Everyone does were just born with the ability to obsess over others. But why can't you stop? And how can you overcome this natural human instinct?

This guide will teach you the scientific reason behind why we canít help ourselves from thinking about non-relatives. It will also show you how to change your self image and build new habits to make sure you become completely immune to thinking about strangers.

why your mind keep thinking about someone?

Your mind keeps thinking about someone because you feel attracted to them. It could be a person, place, thing, or idea. The reason why your mind keeps thinking about someone is because you are mentally stimulated by them. When you are mentally stimulated, you are more likely to remember things about them.

This mental stimulation can be caused by many different factors. For example, if you were to read a book about a particular topic, you would probably remember more details about that topic than if you just heard about it. Another common example is watching a movie or TV show. While you are watching, you are mentally stimulated because you are paying attention to the story line.

So, the next time your mind starts to think about someone, try to figure out why you are mentally stimulated by that person. This will give you insight into why your mind keeps thinking.

Why can't you get a stranger out of your mind

We've all been there. We're talking about love, lust, infatuation, obsession, attraction, desire, whatever you call it. You see someone that makes your heart skip a beat. You notice her/him everywhere you go. You can't seem to focus on anything else. But you don't know what she/he feels toward you. Do you think you're crazy, delusional or a stalker? Are you afraid that you won't ever find true love again?

Here are a couple of reasons why can't you get somebody off your mind:


1. You're Shy

A shy person tends to be quiet and reserved around others. She/He may find it difficult to express his feelings openly or freely.

She/He may feel self conscious when a situation arises where he/she has to talk to another person face to face. He/She may be nervous about speaking up to strangers or asking questions.

In general, shyness is often associated with introversion. Introverts tend to be reserved and prefer to spend most of their time alone. They generally avoid social situations unless they enjoy them.

Shy people usually do well in school because they don't have to interact much with people outside of class. They simply want to concentrate on academic work and study. They would rather sit quietly by themselves than have to engage in conversations with others.

 2. You're Afraid of Being Rejected

You're afraid of rejection because you believe that rejection will hurt you deeply. This fear stems from an early experience that taught you that rejection was painful and could destroy your self esteem. In fact, it's possible that this experience happened so long ago that you no longer remember it.

But the memory still lingers somewhere deep within your subconscious. It affects your thoughts and actions at certain times, even when it doesn't necessarily relate to the subject matter.

For example, if you were rejected when you first went out on a date, your subconscious may tell you that you're not good enough for any man or woman. If you're rejected every time you try to ask a girl out, then you may assume that girls aren't interested in dating you.

You may conclude that men must automatically reject you whenever you approach them. And if you haven't had success getting a date in a while, you may begin to believe that you'll never find anyone to fall madly in love with.

The way to overcome this fear is to learn to develop a positive self image.
Think about yourself as being worthy of love. Think about how wonderful it will feel when you finally meet a special someone.

You'll soon discover that rejection is not such a scary thing after all. Your fears will disappear once you realize that rejection really isn't a big deal.

3. You're Obsessed With Someone

This is probably the most common reason why can't you get anybody out of your mind. People who are obsessed with someone are unable to stop thinking about him/her. There's nothing wrong with being infatuated with someone. However, it's unhealthy to let your obsession take control of your life.

It becomes very easy for you to lose sleep, forget to eat properly, neglect your studies, fail to exercise regularly, and become easily irritated. For instance, if you're obsessed with a guy or a girl, you may spend too much money on gifts, buy tickets to see them perform live, etc.

It's important to recognize these behaviors. Your obsessive behavior may interfere with your ability to maintain a healthy relationship with someone else.

Try to identify the signs that you're becoming obsessed with someone.

4. You're Being Overly Sensitive

 Sometimes, being overly sensitive makes you avoid certain conversations. Sometimes, you may need a break from your social life due to a lot of stress. In order to give yourself some peace, you may want to spend time alone. Don't worry -- you will recover soon. Just rest a bit longer. However, you cannot ignore others when they speak up without you.

5. You Think That Others Will Be Judgemental Or Unsympathetic

A few days ago, I took a train ride with a group of good friends. At one point, we were discussing past relationship experiences. One of the girls had dated a guy she'd met online. She told the rest of us about the experience. After hearing her story, everyone was surprised and asked questions. During the conversation, I realized that the girl doesn't realize that her story wasn't interesting. Some friends felt that her story was boring. This made her feel hurt. She wanted to know whether she should tell her boyfriend that she lost interest in the relationship or drop him. The thing is, she didn't care if he knew or not. The story was just a part of her life. She was fine with either scenario.

6. You Think That Your Friend Might Treat You Differently

Do you often find yourself avoiding conversations with your friends because you fear they won't treat you the same anymore? You may have heard stories of friendships that suddenly changed after one party got married. Maybe you've seen movies where two people start getting along well and then one day they fall out of love with each other. Of course, these stories only happen rarely. In fact, you may never hear about such cases. But you might come across situations where you wonder if you'll ever see your friend the same way again. There's a possibility that your friend will begin to look at you differently.

7. You canít stop thinking about them

Have you ever had a dream where you were talking to someone, then woke up and realized that you were actually talking to yourself? That's sort of what happens when you have a crush on someone. It can be hard to stop thinking about them, especially if you haven't seen them since that initial conversation.

In fact, research shows that we tend to remember our crushes from years ago just as much as we remember our current relationships. In other words, you can't get a stranger out of your mind. But instead of letting it consume you, try focusing on other things. Remembering your crush doesn't have to ruin your dayóyou can enjoy a fun activity while still thinking about him or her.

It might sound silly, but you can also turn this into a positive by remembering a really great moment from your past. Seeing your crush from afar can remind you of how special he or she was back then. And who knows? Maybe you'll meet again someday!