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10 Best Ways to Pet-Proof Your Couch

by Sarah Wright - 04 Jul 2022, Monday 216 Views Like (0)
10 Best Ways to Pet-Proof Your Couch

Pets, our most adorable and mischievous family members, get away very easily with all the mess they create. However, sometimes pet owners can create a lot of trouble by giving too much freedom to their pets. Imagine coming home to a broken and bitten couch in your living room. You won't like the sight of it at all. Isn't it, right? If you are also looking for some best pet furniture protectors to consider to protect your couch from your pets, then watch out for these amazing ways of how you can pet-proof your couch without any hassle.

Best Ways To Protect Your Couch From Your Pets:

Keep Your Pet's Nails Trimmed

Your pet's nails are extremely sharp and long enough to destroy your couch in the blink of an eye. Moreover, they are not good for them, too, as they may hurt themselves while scratching themselves. Therefore, trimming your pet's will is a way that you can prevent chaos beforehand. To execute the simple step, you just need pet nail clips which you can attach to their nails with a nail polish like glue. They seal your pet's paws inside the clips. Hence, giving you a squishy and clean couch.

Spray Your Furniture With Citrus-Scents

Citrus sprays make the best pet repellent ever, for their smell is disliked by cats and dogs to a great extent. Further, which won't let your pets chew on your items. Moreover, this hack is reasonable, and you can implement it easily. Secondly, it will work as a great air freshener also. Therefore, keeping a spray bottle full of orange or lemon essential oils is one of the best pet barriers for home.

Brush your Pet's Hair Regularly

Your whole house can become a big miss with your pet's hair lying here and there. Therefore, brushing your dog's hair can serve a great cause for you. Firstly, it will not only be beneficial for your furniture but helps in keeping your dog healthy too. Moreover, keeping your pet's coat clean will reduce the chances of your pet's hair getting stuck to your couch.

Have Pet Toys Next to Your Sofa

It is one of the simplest yet effective ideas to prevent your dogs from chewing on your couch's arms and corners. Just keep your dog's toys near your sofa. It will distract them from biting on to their slushy toys. Ensure you only give them toys made specifically for chewing, as only then will it give them a break from jumping on your couch.

Buy a Pet-Friendly Couch Protectors

If your pets have a habit of chewing your cushions and scratching your couches, then a good quality pet-friendly couch cover is all you need. Just make a note to buy denim, canvas, or outdoor fabrics in couch covers as they have the strength and don't rupture easily. Long stretchable polyester fabric will safeguard your couch well because of its unmatchable durability and thickness. You can use it as one of a pet furniture protectors to pet-proof your items.

Double-Sided Tapes

A pet acrylic double-sided tape is a simple and accessible way to prevent your pets from causing a mess to your couch. This amazing technique asks you to stick this tape on the areas your pets like most to chew on. For instance, if they love scratching your sofa's legs or armrest, safeguard it with double-sided tape since the tape is a formation of thick polyester, so your pet's scratches won't impact the tape.


A pet gate is an excellent option if your pets are always up to some mischief. It is like a boundary for your pets to remain confined in a little space. You can hook these gates from one end of the wall to the other for an entrance to other rooms of your house. For instance, you can let them stay away from your living room for a while by installing a pet gate at the entrance of your living room.

Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil could be a great trick if you want your pets to keep a distance from your couches. Pet owners can use the trick of placing some aluminum foil on their couches. So, when pets try to hop onto your couch, it makes a loud sound that scares the pets off. Cat owners can use this trick to their advantage as cats usually avoid slippery surfaces. Therefore, it can be a great substitute for any other pet barrier.

Install a Pet Door in your Home

You shouldn't make your pets glued to homes as they need fresh air. Moreover, letting them play outside for a while will keep them off your couch for some time. It is beneficial for their health also to go out. And for this, you don't need to take out extra to take them out for a walk, as you can simply install a pet door in your home to make it possible. You can cut out a tiny entry from your living room to your garden for them to have a sunny day out.

Choose a Sofa With Removable Seats

All pet owners should keep their eyes on a sofa with removable seats. Else, it can get very hectic to maintain the shine of a normal sofa with pets in your home. It will make it easy for you to wash, attach and detach the cushions your pets usually like to sit and play on. Moreover, it's also a convenient idea to get rid of pet odors.


Pets usually have an unexplainable liking for sofas, maybe because of their homely and slushy feel. So, you must look out for pet-friendly ways to pet-proof your couch. Ensure safety while installing pet tools and devices like dog acrylic tapes and pet gates. For your sofas, you can look for various couch covers to support your requirement and budget. To make the look more interesting, you can match your couch's color with your pets. So by following these various simple, sustainable, and conventional steps, you can pet-proof your furniture easily.