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6 Things You Can Do to Keep Your Cat Healthy

by Amy Sloane - 07 Sep 2022, Wednesday 207 Views Like (0)
6 Things You Can Do to Keep Your Cat Healthy

If you are a cat lover, you probably know that cats bring great joy to your life. A healthy cat can be a great companion and a constant source of entertainment. 

However, cats also have certain health needs to stay happy and healthy. For this reason, you should find out the right things you can do to keep your cat healthy and happy. 

Here are some tips on how to keep your cat healthy.

1. Regular Checkups Are Important

Typically, your cat needs regular checkups to identify any health problems as early as possible. Take your cat to the vet at least twice per year for checkups, but make sure that this is done even more frequently if there is a problem with your cat's health, such as weight gain or loss, lack of appetite, and irregular litter box habits. If a problem is detected early on, it will be easier for treatment methods to work effectively before the condition worsens.

To fully assess your catís health, extensive wellness exams are necessary. However, it is important to note that a cat wellness exam cost varies depending on your vet clinic and where you live.

In addition, it is important to ensure that you take your cat for annual vaccinations. Vaccines protect your cat from diseases such as rabies, feline leukemia, and panleukopenia.

2. Exercise Is Key

Cats need regular exercise to maintain their physical health. Play with them at least once daily for about 10-15 minutes. This will help them stay lean and muscular and provide mental stimulation, which is critical for all animals' psychological health.

Additionally, play with them with a cat toy that they enjoy. A fun toy will keep them mentally stimulated, and you will have more fun together. Some common cat toys include stuffed animal mice, shredding toys, balls, rubber toy mice, and much more to keep your cat active. 

Even if your cat doesn't play with these toys on its own, it will surely enjoy the challenge when you play fetch with it.

3. Keep the Litter Box Clean

A clean litter box will help you prevent health problems with your cat. Most cat litter boxes come with scoopers that you can use to clean your litter box easily. 

In addition, you should also ensure that the litter box is an appropriate size for your cat. Purchase a good quality cat litter and change it every week so the area will always be fresh, clean, and appealing to your cat.

You can purchase some of the best pet odor eliminators to keep the area smelling great. In addition, ensure that you remove all feces from your litter box at least once per day to help prevent health issues with your cat.

4. Feed Your Cat a Healthy Diet

In the best interest of your cat's health, be sure to provide your cat with a healthy diet. Keep in mind that different cats have different needs regarding food. Thus, you should discuss with your vet what is best for your cat.

Additionally, find out more about how to keep track of the food so that you can determine whether it was consistently fed or not before. This will help prevent any health issues by ensuring that your cat gets the right nutrients and calories needed to stay healthy.

5. Keep Your Cat Hydrated

Hydration is also important, so be sure to provide your cat with a freshwater source within your home. If your cat is dehydrated, it will be difficult for the cat to fight off infections and diseases that are caused by bacteria or viruses.

6. Have Your Cat Neutered

Neutering is a great way to help preserve your cat's health by controlling its population. This will prevent unwanted litter from being born and spread into the world. Also, it is a helpful way to keep your cat healthy because it will ensure that it does not get involved with mating for the rest of its life. This will also help prevent certain health problems with your cat, such as urinary tract infections and uterine cancer in female cats.


Taking care of a cat can be challenging because you must consider its needs and desires. However, if you take care of your cat correctly, it will surely help to bring you and your cat a lot more happiness in the future. So, consider these tips to keep your cat a healthy pet.