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Benefits of Synthetic Turf

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Benefits of Synthetic Turf

You may have heard that there are many benefits and very few downsides to synthetic turf, but you may still be a little confused about where to purchase your new lawn. You may also still be undecided about which exact product would be best for your area. Here at Lone Star Synthetic Turf, we will come and look at your lawn and help you figure out everything you need to know about your new lawn.

Our Products

We only use the best products with the friendliest service. Not only are our products reasonably priced, but there are also several other benefits that you will be able to reap. Our products are 100% recyclable. If for any reason, you decide to do away with your synthetic turf, you can rest easy knowing that it will not go into a landfill. It will be recycled and reused.

Our synthetic turf is also lead-free and free of other heavy metals, which makes it safe for pets and children to roll around in. Not only does it look and feel just like real grass, but it is also low-maintenance and water-free. There will be no need to dedicate an entire day to yard work, and you can be safe in the knowledge that you are not contributing to gas usage for a lawn mower or water waste from continuously watering your lawn.

Our Services

Anywhere you can think of where grass is frequently planted is where our products can be used. Perhaps you are tired of maintaining your front and/or back yard; Lone Star Synthetic Turf can provide you with a beautiful artificial lawn that will amaze your friends and neighbors. If you run a kennel or a doggy daycare, we can provide you with synthetic turf for pets that will be much easier for you to keep clean and healthy.

Whether at a daycare or a public park, it can be a good idea to equip your playground with synthetic turf. Mulch can be painful to fall on, but our synthetic turf can provide your child with a safe and comfortable place to play all day. Installing synthetic turf in your golfing area can also prove very beneficial. Gone will be the days of constantly worrying about the height of the grass on the golf course. Instead, you can simply relax and play golf.

Rooftops are also becoming a popular place for friends to congregate and hang out. But they may not have much fun on a regular, hot rooftop. Consider installing synthetic turf on your rooftop area to provide your tenants with a much more comfortable and aesthetically beautiful place to entertain or just relax. Add some beautiful plants, and your rooftop area might become a beautiful garden oasis for both you and your occupants.

Lone Star Synthetic Turf works to ensure their customers of the best synthetic turf on the market paired with the best customer service around. We will provide you with a free consultation, a customized report, professional installation, and follow-up services if you so wish. With a new synthetic turf through Lone Star, you will not be disappointed. To learn more, visit our website at