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Hoodoo Psychic Rev. Sister Jacqueline

by Mubeen Ahmad - 29 Jun 2022, Wednesday 212 Views Like (0)
Hoodoo Psychic Rev. Sister Jacqueline

I go by Reverend Sister Jacqueline Mathers yet most call me Ms. Jacqueline. I'm a peruser, rootworker, creator, instructor and entrepreneur. I have been perusing for clients for north of 17 years and have been making candle spells since I was a youngster.

I come from a line of soothsayers and have a generational heredity from the Alabama-Coushatta clan, situated in Livingston, Texas, yet my family initially came from around DeRidder, Beauregard Parish, Louisiana. Extraordinary grandma was held as a medication lady and my Mother orally let me know spells that her grandma would accomplish for the family. My mom made fixes and performed 'things' with salt just before my eyes and I thought it was something ordinary to do. One of my #1 books was the month to month Dell Horoscope magazine on the foot stool. I was a gifted kid and would uncover mysteries that shouldn't have been spoken in broad daylight.

At the point when I read for a client, I ask no past data as I let the cards 'address' you. Tell the truth, focused and what I would consider a decent laborer is to assist you with moving past the circumstance and push ahead in your life. I don't endure 'games' or silliness on your part, as I realize that you need a serious answer for the issues that are irritating you and I will be extremely immediate as would be natural for me with you.

I offer light petitioning God administrations, custom mix oils and spices, magic packs for different

circumstances and the sky is the limit from there. I'm a Minister with the Universal Life Church and work with

the Angels and Saints from a wide range of societies. I'm an aborisha in the Lukumi

(otherwise known as Santeria) religion.

My Early Years

I was brought into the world in the long stretch of July and I am a Cancer Sun, Leo Moon, Aries Ascendant with a stellium in Leo.I am strongly Honest and Clear in my Readings and strong in my Magical work. I grew up with the Spirit world around me and I dug into the Mysteries at an early age. I'm a characteristic conceived Clairaudient and Clairsentient. This implies I "hear" messages and "feel" things in light of utilizing these tactile markers. I have been empathic and natural all my life.Welcome to Tarot By Jacqueline

My Family Lineage and Ancestors

My Mother's Family hails from Beauregard Parish in southwestern Louisiana numerous relatives actually live close to Lake Charles, LA. I'm of the Native American Tribe of Alabama Coushatta and my distant grandma was a neighborhood medication lady and healer.

On my dad's side, my family are situated all through the western slopes of Pennsylvania, and I have as of late started examinations in the Pennsylvania Dutch people wizardry that is so luxuriously tucked away around there. I'm honored with Irish, Scottish, English and Dutch family line from this side.

My Spiritual Journey - California back to my Louisiana Roots

There is no mishap that I have been decided to finish this circle in my family legacy. From my initial years when I ravenously read the now ancient Dell Horoscope magazine and two brushes with death to my young adult practices with Rosecrucian secrets and my normal marvel interests. From my examinations in different strict practices to graduation from classes with feline yronwode. From my predictions of things to come to my relatives, to my calling to Santeria from the Goddess Yemaya (Yemoja, Iemanja) to revere her and honor all the Orichas in custom and melody,

I'm here in light of the fact that the Spirits believe I should serve and use my Gifts of Spirit for other people.



As genuine and sagacious the data uncovered in my readings can be regarding circumstances, conditions, and occasions, your card perusing and Obi divination isn't to be understood as clinical guidance, lawful exhortation, or monetary counsel. I really do give you models on how the perusing might perhaps work out, yet it's anything but an interest or necessity for you to follow expressed model in your dynamic capacities. Assuming you feel the requirement for clinical, lawful, or monetary guidance, kindly take those to the authorized experts in your space.