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How Much Solar Is Required to Power a House?

by Nick Demourtzidis - 08 Aug 2022, Monday 75 Views Like (0)
How Much Solar Is Required to Power a House?

A solar system for your home is a terrific way to live sustainably while reducing your annual power costs significantly. The amount of solar energy needed to power a house will eventually rely on a number of different variables. These factors include the quantity of electricity you use or intend to use, how and when you use it, and your budget. Here’s a breakdown of the factors for landlord solar to understand how much power is needed in any house  -

How Much Electricity Do You Use?

You must produce more solar energy during the day than you consume because your solar system can only produce enough electricity to power your home during the day. This extra solar power is essential since it will be used to recharge batteries or be put back into the grid, giving you feed-in credits that offset your electricity expenses when your solar is not working, such as at night. When calculating your electrical usage, you should primarily take into account:

  • Are there any ducted reverse cycle air conditioning in the home?
  • Are there any electric or gas cooking and hot water appliances?
  • Will there be any pool or any other heating or cooling equipment?
  • If these are there, where would the bulk electricity be used?

How much electricity will I use in the future?

When choosing the size of their solar system, the consumers are advised by the professionals to keep the future in mind. A 5kw system could be excellent right now, but what about when you're retired and spending two days a week taking care of the grandchildren? or land a new position that allows for remote work? And that's before we discuss electric automobiles, which are the most crucial factor that most people haven't considered.

How Much Roof Space Do You Have?

It goes without saying that more solar implies more panels, and more panels require more roof space. A good roof should be facing north, east, or west. A combination of east and west-facing solar panels will be highly effective at yielding solar as well, even if a north-facing roof is ideal for year-round solar yield. The system will produce more electricity earlier in the morning and later in the day as these are peak hours for household electrical use, which is an interesting finding that can actually make East/West split solar systems more financially lucrative for many people. If necessary, it is possible to use a South-facing roof facet.

What is Your Budget?

You've considered your past, present, and projected energy needs, and you believe you have enough roof space to install solar panels. The cost will increase based on how many solar panels you decide to have mounted on your roof. However, one benefit of investing more money in a larger solar system is that it will probably be more valuable to you and will probably pay for itself more quickly. Consider your maximum spending limit and make an effort to adhere to it while still buying a solar panel system that will satisfy your needs and offer quality.

Customised Solar Systems for Every Home

Beat Energy is aware that every demand is unique and that every family has unique needs when determining the number of solar panels needed to power a home. They do this by installing and maintaining high-quality systems that are completely unique to your house, way of life, and budget. The professionals collaborate closely with you to develop a system that will give you and your family the electricity you require to function comfortably at home and at work while significantly reducing the expense of those pesky power bills.

Find out more about them at their official website and enjoy a greener living style!