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Online Electronics Market Growth, Analysis, and Trends in the Uae

by Desertcart Oman - 23 Aug 2022, Tuesday 89 Views Like (0)
Online Electronics Market Growth, Analysis, and Trends in the Uae

The online market is constantly rising and has seen immense growth in the last few years like never before. The number of people approaching online electronic stores for shopping has increased and more people find it more convenient to shop online rather than offline. The Electronics market in The E-Commerce segment is one of the largest sectors that contributes to the market growth and revenue. 

UAE E-commerce market is one of the largest markets in global e-commerce that contributes to more than 10% of revenue and growth. Similarly, electronics in UAE e-commerce is a major part to help the market grow and contribute to the economy. One of the major reasons for electronics taking change in market size, growth, and revenue is the rising popularity of IoT devices, AI, and many other innovative household appliances. Let's find out how electrics contribute to the UAE's international shopping sites. 

Market Growth

The United Arab Emirates's electronic market size has been constantly increasing due to the adoption of Wi-Fi connectivity in several electronic devices. Whether its household applications are electronic products, the connection of Wi-Fi has allowed people to adopt these devices. Moreover, increasing investment in the research and development department in consumer electronics has boosted the growth of various electronic devices in the UAE market. The rising popularity and emergence of IoT brand AI devices have risen. 

According to the reports, UAE is the 24th largest E-commerce market with a revenue of USD 8.5 billion in 2020. Recently the UAE online market has seen a 36% increase in revenue that contributed to the 15% growth of the global E-commerce market. The UAE e-commerce market is growing at the rate of 10% in 2025 it is expected to outperform the Global average. Electronics and media contributed to 18% of the online electronic market while appliances and furniture contributed to 12% of the overall market size of UAE E-commerce in 20 21. 


User-Friendly Devices Gaining Momentum

The trend of connected and smart homes has gained immense popularity across the globe. This rising trend of connected homes has penetrated smart applications globally in many households. For instance, according to a survey, 53% of customers watch videos on smart TV. 

With applications like Siri or Alexa international online shopping for smart homes have increased. These applications equipped with voice assistant Wi-Fi connectivity are adopted due to their convenience in usage and multiple features that attract customers. These features have made life fun and easier for many people in many ways. Therefore the technological advancement in smart devices and popularity is more likely to raise the consumer market for online stores for electronics. 

Government Initiatives for the Promotion

Analyzing the Trends and future of Electronics and smart application market growth. government authorities have been providing many policy initiatives for people to set up their manufacturing hubs or start their electronic businesses. Moreover, the government authorities have been inviting Hi-Tech smart application manufacturers to sell their products in the UAE. 

This corporation and smart decisions by the government have given a boost to the adoption of modern technology like IoT, AI, machine learning, and 5G. Many green building initiatives are supporting the demand for energy-efficient consumer electronics. Several initiatives by the government to promote market growth in UAE for online electronics retailers have uplifted the manufacturing capacity, development, and sales of energy-efficient products. 

Rising Household Demand

As the level of education and understanding of technological products are rising, people are spending more on housing and Technology applications. Every other day new technology is being introduced to provide convenience to customers in our day-to-day activities. These innovative household products are boosting product consumption. 

For instance, LG's Rollable OLED TV is available in three different viewing modes, and products with voice assistants like Siri or Alexa have risen the demand in the household sector. People are demanding products in international shopping that not only offer them convenience in everyday life but also make it fun. 


Electronic Market Segmentation

Electronics marketing is segmented into electronic devices and home applications electronic devices can be categorized into products like computers, cameras, TV etc. Due to the highest household penetration, the electronic devices segment witnessed a major market share in UAE and across the globe. According to the data by the UK Government, In 2018 95% of households had digital TV. Due to changing customer preferences, especially after the pandemic, the companies are launching electronics intended for specific use. 

Work From Home Results in Rising Adoption 

Since the pandemic started in 2019, many countries have imposed street lockdown rules. This led to working from the home culture in almost every industry. The majority of work has started on the internet. Even though the countries are now coming back on the back foot after the lockdown, people are now enjoying and have started applying hybrid methods or working from home rather than going back to the office. All this led to the rising demand to buy electronics online. Many people who never used computers now started working on computers to cut down on their expenses of traveling to the office. Total revenue of tablets increased 29% in the 2020 second quarter from 20%. 

The Rise in Online Shopping 

Before the Pandemic, UAE had a fair share of online shopping customers, but still, there were a large number of consumers who preferred offline shopping. This was due to many reasons including lack of knowledge, fear of online fraud, identity thefts, and more. The pandemic practically forced many people to shop online, and that has reduced their fear. People now find it more convenient to shop online and find a variety of products. This number is going to rise in the coming future as many companies are working on providing virtual reality experiences to customers while electronics online shopping. 


UAE electronic components online market has been rising with time, the new and innovative technologies in the market are attracting customers due to their convenience and features. The market trends are going to increase and contribute to global revenue. These trends will be seen common in coming years and might, smart appliances are now penetrating the household, soon expected to become common in UAE and the globe.