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5 Best Video Editing Apps for Android in 2022 [Free + Paid]

by MJ Technologies - 15 Sep 2022, Thursday 148 Views Like (0)
5 Best Video Editing Apps for Android in 2022 [Free + Paid]

???????Many people record videos daily. Naturally, videos need editing to post on different social media and share on youtube. For this purpose, you need a video editor which has many smart functions. How’d you find one? Finding a video editor takes a lot of time and effort. The number of video editing apps has increased on the play store. It has become so difficult to choose one app which fulfills the user’s expectations. You probably have time to search for the right app. Therefore, we brought these amazing video editor apps that are free and have exciting features to help you.

Use these applications for any of your video editing projects. These are quick, easy-to-use, and simple applications to use for professional and common video editing purposes. These apps are tested and reviewed by professionals and ordinary users. They used these apps for their projects and got amazing results. Therefore, we decided to recommend these applications so you may not waste your time finding the right video editors. 

So, if you are looking for the right video editor to make your videos worth sharing with others, try these amazing video editors for the right purpose. 

  1. MJ Video Editor & Video Converter

Mj video editor is a smart application that enables users to edit any type of video. Therefore, finish your upcoming and ongoing duties using the fewest resources possible. 

The MJ video editor is the best app among the top editors because it offers you a wide range of options and superior outcomes. Utilize this smart app, which enables video compression, cropping, and cutting. 

Among the best video editors available on the Google Play Store, this creative editor stands out. Additionally, because this is a smart video converter tool, users can convert videos into other formats as well.

Functions of Mj video editor and video converter

  • Video Compressor

Video compression is a tricky way to make your video adjustable for some devices. Therefore, you do not need to download a video compressor app separately if you have this amazing MJ video editor.

  • Video cutter

Cut and remove the extra and unnecessary parts from your video with this video cutter app.

  • Video editor free download

With this video editor, you can download the edited video on your device for free.

  • Audio video mixture

Using this video editor app, you can mix various audio and video files into a single video. It improves the dynamics, speed, volume level, and widescreen positions.

  • Mute video 

This app allows you to mute the sound of a video that you want to edit. Moreover, you can add another sound or keep it mute.

  • Merge videos

Making one video of many videos is so easy with this MJ video editor app. Simply choose the merge video option and place all your videos here. The results will be surprising. 

  • Split video

Split videos into different parts. No need to download another video editing app for this.

  • Slow and fast motion video 

Slow and fast motion videos are now in trend. Use this MJ video editor to make your video slow or fast motion.

  • Video converter 

Along with editing videos, users of this tool can convert them.Therefore, you can quickly convert video files from MP4 to FLV, MKV, WMV, and 3GP.

  • Video cropper

Use this simple app that is for you to crop your videos. This video editor is the ideal choice if you're looking for a straightforward solution for video cropping.

  • Reverse and rotate the video  

With this app reverse or rotate the video the way you need. 

  1. YouCut - Video Editor & Maker

The best video editor and maker are YouCut. For use on YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, Signal, and other social media platforms, download this free video trimmer and joiner tool. Edit videos proficiently. YouCut allows you to quickly create your films using images or video clips. Without prior video editing knowledge.

Functions of this video editor and maker.

  • This is the free video editor and video maker free from any ads
  • Merge the clips into one video using this video editor app.
  • You can cut, crop, join, compress and combine the video.
  • Easy to use video maker and best for a slice and split the video.
  • Control the speed of your video by making it in fast or slow motion.
  • For video sharing on different platforms, You Cut never adds watermarks on the edited video.
  1. CapCut - Video Editor

Caput the free video editor app. It allows the user to edit the video professionally for youtube, tik toks, and other social media platforms. It has the most exciting feature that you will be surprised to use. After editing the video from this application, you will be amazed to see the results. 

Functions of this video editing app

  • Split or merge videos, trim and join clips.
  •  Apply speed curves to clips and change the video speed from 0.1x to 100x.
  • Animate video clips to create stunning zoom-in and zoom-out effects.
  • To make interesting video content for social media, use the rewind and reverse functions.
  • Use the freeze tool to highlight the best parts of clips and vlogs.
  • Examine several transitional choices for amazing effects at transitions between videos.
  1. Video Editor - Glitch Video

This video editor is the most stylish and stunning. You can edit the video artistically. Additionally, your clip will dazzle even more because of the massively original music, VHS, 3D Vaporwave Impacts, Retro Effects, and editing features.

Features of this app

  • 100+ effects of glitch video
  • Add music in videos.
  • Shoot retro and cool effect video 
  • Retro filters and transition effects
  1. Splice - Video Editor & Maker

This video editor is a masterpiece. If you want to make your video worth sharing by professionally editing them, use this amazing video editor and maker. Besides video editing, you can create videos with this splice-video editor app.

Features of this video editor

  • Complete video maker which makes editing simple and quick
  • Create and edit video with effects
  • Add images and videos, then customize the length.
  • Easily arrange and combine your photos and videos with our user-friendly timeline: Making videos is now simpler than ever.
  • Cut and trim your movies to create new clips from them.
  • Combine your video clips and photographs to make a stunning montage, slideshow, or stop-motion film in a matter of seconds.
  • Use the proper aspect ratio: Produce works of art that are the ideal size for your preferred social media platforms, including YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram (posts, stories, and Reels).


Video editing is highly in demand nowadays. For this purpose, a number of video editing tools, apps, and websites have been introduced. However, finding the right app is the most challenging task. Therefore, we have brought these amazing apps which can help you with video making and editing.