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Be Careful With the Meaning of Colours in Advertising

by Walter Moore - 19 Oct 2022, Wednesday 150 Views Like (0)
Be Careful With the Meaning of Colours in Advertising

The issue of the meaning of colours in advertising always makes a couple of eyebrows rise and the occasional face of not believing anything you are saying. Perhaps it is because many times we find themes of the most crushed type: red attracts attention or green reminds us of nature. When we read these little topics, we can think that this is why the STOP signs are red and the leaves of the trees green, right?  

But trust us, 
choosing the right colour and free fonts is more important than it sounds, and if you want proof, think about it in reverse. For example, black and white transmit serenity and elegance to photos but you would never use it to announce a party, right? Or red, as much as it attracts attention, you would never use it to encourage people to recycle. Ask yourself why or, better, see for yourself:    

Same poster, same photo and same party but surely after seeing the option in black and white you no longer think that this filter is the perfect option to give an elegant touch to any photo.

Choosing the right colour or, rather, not using the one we shouldn't be is more important than it seems. Therefore, in this post,
Serif Font provider is going to tell you what each of them identifies with the most, we will reflect on whether or not there are magic colours in advertising and we will end up with a few fails.

Tell me how you paint it and I'll tell you what you're selling

See if it will be important if we choose a blue or a purple that there is a whole field of study on the subject. The emotions that provoke us or with what we associate some tones or others is the basis of the Psychology of colour and emotional marketing, which studies which ones to use to sell better.

Of course, nothing is as easy as finding the magic colour to sell ice to the Eskimos. But we can find some general lines about what each one transmits in our posters: 


It is associated with cleanliness, air, water and the sea. In the darkest tones, it transmits responsibility and trust ... Do you think it is a coincidence that there are so many banks that use blue in their corporate colours? There is someone else who uses blue: the National Lottery.

It is a stimulant and is associated with courage, bravery, passion and love. For designers, red is like the cape of bullfighters, it invites us to look exactly where they want and - if we are lucky - to enter head first. We see a price in red and we buy butů we are not stupid.

Children use it to paint the sun, perhaps that is why we have so internalized associating it with optimism, happiness and joy. It also serves to attract attention and inspire creativity. But beware, that excessively tides.

Undoubtedly the colour of nature that is also associated with everything related to health and eco issues. Look at the packing of many products and then look at their calories, surely more than once seemed to you that it would be much healthier.

Innocence, purity, cleanliness ... It is perfect for health issues or when we are looking for a minimalist result in which the product stands out

It inspires power and elegance but also a mystery, although it is also quite authoritative, it is used above all for luxury products.

It is the colour of intelligence, maturity and reliability. Have you noticed the car ads? Now you know why most of the minivans they use are grey.