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Finding a Real Estate Agent vs DIY: Houses for Sale in Dromana

by Aria Tyler - 26 Jul 2022, Tuesday 366 Views Like (0)
Finding a Real Estate Agent vs DIY: Houses for Sale in Dromana

Dromana is a coastal town a little over an hour's drive south of Melbourne, safely ensconced by Port Philip Bay and Arthur's Seat summit. The suburb has become a popular alternative to Rye and Rosebud, which are considered to be gentrified. Also, the beaches here are calmer and better-suited for families with young kids. However, people looking to advertise houses for sale in Dromana always face the dilemma: should I contact a real estate agent or do it myself? 

Why Let a Real Estate Agent Handle Houses for Sale in Dromana

1. Get the most out of your property You would think you can fetch the best price for selling your home without the help of a realtor. But you would be wrong. It's been proven repeatedly that real estate agents could give you at least the same amount of what you are asking. Ultimately, it does not matter how much the agent commission is as long as you receive your ceiling amount.


2. Avoid inconvenience One of the most significant advantages of choosing a professional to sell your real estate Rosebud or your property in Dromana is convenience. For instance, you will cover all the costs of staging and listing your home. There's also the issue of holding open houses to attract possible purchasers. In addition, you must respond to phone calls and emails that may or may not be returned. The inconvenience is not worth the money you believe you'll make by selling your own house. On the other hand, real estate agents will stage your home, take strategic images, and advertise the home on appropriate website listing sites.


3. Take the sting out of rejection You've built your home over the years and created treasured memories. So, it's pretty challenging to deal with rejection because potential home buyers do not appreciate what you see in your house. Real estate agents can list houses for sale in Dromana and then deal with rejection professionally. Meanwhile, they can ask questions objectively about why the deal did not push through and recommend ways to improve the listing. Doing so can boost the chance of making a sale with the subsequent buyers.


4. Buyers deal with real estate agents The hard truth is that buyers will contact real estate agents when looking for houses for sale in Dromana. According to a 2016 study, homes for sale by the owner (FSOB) only account for 1% of all Australian property sales. Unfortunately, the general impression is that it's easier to deal with an agent than a homeowner. Homeowners are considered unreasonable, especially when they emotionally attach to their property. They also tend to ignore market value when setting a price for their house. But buyers avoid an "emotional sale" like the plague.  


Finally, you leverage the experience to secure the best price for your property. The commission is considered payment for the real estate agent's experience and expertise. There's a vast gap between what you think the buyer wants and what they are looking for when buying houses for sale in Dromana.