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Future of Luxury Office Spaces, in a Post-COVID Era

by Henry Starc - 04 Oct 2022, Tuesday 495 Views Like (0)
Future of Luxury Office Spaces, in a  Post-COVID Era

If you can recall, a couple of years back, how crazy people were about the look and feel of their corporate setups. Then we all held back with COVID-19, sitting on communal couches, buffet lines in our office cafeterias, or in shared cubicles, getting banned.

The era of remote working began, and we all started realizing the importance of working spaces. A time also came when we were passionately waiting for our offices to be opened so that we could go and work on our not-so-called relaxing office chairs.

Well, that time has gone already, and we’ve started getting back to normal.

As the threats of the pandemic started to evade, real estate developers in Pakistan started building lavish-styled smart corporate offices. Therefore, office buildings are not going away; they are seeking a new physical footprint.

The Rise of Luxury Corporate Offices

COVID is over… so is the work-from-home. It means the concept of luxury offices will soon be resurfaced with more innovation and practicality.

Reimagine the Luxurious Office Space in the Post-COVID Era

To bring back tenants, especially those who are reluctant to back to office life, builders and developers are considering some interesting challenges in their corporate offices.

First thing first, the implication of health and wellness trends; yes, now companies want their employees to remain healthy while working from an office location. They are looking for ways to reinforce and foster collaboration, drive innovation, and above all, improve their company culture – to safeguard public health.

To be proactive, many companies have started consolidating their office spaces – creating more extra spaces by desking out, expanding corridors, having multi-purpose areas, and whatnot. According to experts, now commercial properties will only be survived if offering better ventilation systems and more amenities.

If available, sky lobbies add more appeal and well-being to the overall commercial buildings; so, to all the real estate developers in Pakistan, create more skylines.    

Luxury Office Setups and Employees’ Motivation

Luxury offices exemplify uniqueness, class, and elegance, and rightfully so. There are far too many reasons why luxury office spaces are crucial when it comes to productivity and business growth.

Looking at it from an employer’s point of view, it is not suitable to monitor the work of employees using online means. The impact of human interaction and observation is significant in motivating employees to work harder. They know their work can play a key role in bonuses and future promotions.

Similarly, the lack of monitoring can also be a factor that encourages individuals to slack off, knowing that there will be no immediate consequences for their actions.

Returning to the boring old office spaces may not boost productivity, but the element of modern and advanced spaces might just be!

Working in a facility that has had capital invested in it might cause employees to feel more appreciated by the organization that employs them. Workers will be more loyal as a result of this.

How a Luxury Corporate Office Attracts Millennials

Post-pandemic, workers may consider work from home as their most appealing option; however, luxury office spaces can change that. The same can be said for millennials, who are fresh graduates.

Individuals at the beginning of their professions are more likely to choose to be among other individuals. Because they want to grow, both intellectually and skillfully, they want the expertise and want to have more social interactions.

For such employees, office spaces act as a combination of leisure and work; experiencing the last college years online would be nothing but disappointing. These millennials now want exciting opportunities to work because they are the future of an economy.

Therefore, it is imperative that they are provided with workspaces that they will appreciate and work well in.

The Scope & Availability of Luxury Office in Pakistan

 Well, if you are a businessman or CEO of a company, you must have struggled with communicating with employees during the pandemic. Let’s never go back to doing that and aim to make workspaces better for both employers and employees.

Being a developing country, Pakistani businesses should take steps to differentiate and explore alternatives to settle their setups for long-term survival. And one of the best bets is to improve business growth and productivity by maintaining a stable office culture.

There are so many real estate developers in Pakistan, especially in the capital, who are working against the clock – to provide seamless office-life experiences to existing and upcoming businesses. One such commercial setup is Citadel 7 by Chakor Ventures.

It is a CDA-approved project with excellent real estate investment options in Islamabad, facilitating office spaces, retail outlets, and food areas. Located in Blue Area, the offices in this building will be the definition of luxury.

Citadel 7 will be built with the finest smart technology and high-tech facilities, in addition to unique and innovative architecture and breathtaking design. Because of the cutting-edge layout and dedicated service floor, the luxury offices of Citadel 7 are sure to provide both employees and employers with a one-of-a-kind working experience.

So, if you are planning to invest your fortune in the best real estate investment in Islamabad, Citadel 7 is a better option.

Wrapping Up

No doubt, the pandemic has shed light on the ease of working from home, but it has also its own limitations.

Face-to-face engagement, teamwork, and creativity are essential for the overall performance of the company. The workplace is also a fundamental pillar when it comes to recruiting, developing, and retaining great potential, as it creates a huge impact on how people view a company.

COVID-19 has also taught us that the ideas that develop in Zoom breakout rooms are more focused than those that are thought-out in person. This is because when you are in a professional setting, your mind gets trained to fit into that environment and tends to transform great ideas into realities.