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How to Increase the Appeal of Your Real Estate in Inverleigh

by Kevin Lashley - 16 Nov 2022, Wednesday 40 Views Like (0)
How to Increase the Appeal of Your Real Estate in Inverleigh

Getting your house ready for sale can be a particularly busy time. It can feel like a lot of extra preparation on top of an already busy life. But paying a little bit of attention to some basics can make all the difference come sale time, and the price that buyers are prepared to pay for your property. Achieving your ideal price will, of course, make all your efforts worth the while. If you are looking to sell real estate in Inverleigh, real estate in Bannockburn or other areas, this article will take you through some simple, but effective tips, to get your house sale ready.

Why does detail matter?

Sprucing up your home to impress potential buyers doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There are some straightforward but successful ways to dress your home, without breaking the bank. It’s well worth making a little effort and taking a bit of time to make your property stand out from the crowd. Catching peoples’ interest can make all the difference in successfully selling your house come auction day, or even getting some offers beforehand. 

Not all sellers take the time to really see their dwelling through the fresh eyes of a potential buyer, particularly if you have lived in the property for some time. It can take many years for various chips, cracks and stains to appear and for paintwork or window furnishings to fade, so they may seem entirely fine to your eye, perhaps unnoticeable even. But, to a new viewer they may appear obvious and so the property comes across as uncared for and they may pass by in search of something a little better looked after. Don’t lose these prospects, after all they took the time to come to your open inspection. Read on to understand a few simple things you can do to increase your house appeal and generate strong interest in your home.   

How to take your home from ordinary to extraordinary

Making your home as appealing as possible doesn’t require the expense of an interior designer or that you acquire professional knowledge on the matter. These simple steps can have buyers falling in love with your property.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal refers to the moment that potential buyers walk up the street to your property, or pull up in a car. The aim being that they are instantly engaged by the exterior and wish to see more. Maximising your curb appeal could entail a fresh coat of paint on woodwork, cleaning windows, weeding and replacing dead plants, sweeping up leaf litter, applying a fresh layer of rock or mulch and pressure washing the driveway and any other stone surfaces. 

Adding a pop of fun colour can really dial up the cute factor of your home. Painting your front door an eggshell blue, sunshine yellow or French green can brighten up the whole house exterior. The additional of seasonal flowers in hanging baskets or pots around the front door or driveway are another way to add a fresh feel and texture. Activities such as these are simple enough to perform, but have a huge impact on the overall first impression that a home gives. It can be the difference between your buyer stopping and looking further, or continuing on past to another property.

Interior Appeal

Smell may seem like a strange thing to mention but reflect on the times you have entered a home and the first thing you notice is the smell of dog, mustiness, cigarette smoke or food. It can be a powerful put off, even though it’s not visible. Be sure to air your property well, light candles or use an oil diffuser to bring an appealing scent back to your house.

Striking a balance between making your home appear welcoming, but leaving enough space for viewers to imagine their own furniture in place is important. Too many of your personal items, or clutter on surfaces can appear overwhelming, with potential buyers struggling to see themselves in the property. Decluttering and storing away personal items, such as photographs, can really help present your home as more neutral.

Summing up

The old saying that the devil is in the detail is certainly true when it comes to selling your home. If you are looking to sell real estate in Inverleigh, real estate in Bannockburn or any area, following these simple steps will make a big difference to the way that buyers engage with your home. Simplifying the selling process makes this often daunting process feel much easier when your home is sale ready, and getting great feedback from those that view it. Homeowners that pay attention to the small details will inspire confidence in the market by presenting a home that is look after and valued.