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Price Difference of Properties in Coonoor vs Other Major Cities in Tamil Nadu

by Amit Maloo - 22 Aug 2022, Monday 183 Views Like (0)
Price Difference of Properties in Coonoor vs Other Major Cities in Tamil Nadu

One of India's most picturesque hill towns, Coonoor is known for its stunning scenery and natural beauty. It is situated in the Nilgiris. People go from all over India and the world to see this stunning location and spend 4-5 days relaxing under nature. Given the popularity of Ooty and the nearby Nilgiri towns of Coonoor and Kotagiri, it makes financial sense to invest there. In particular, buying properties in Coonoor makes sense because the town is a great place to invest and tourists who come to the Nilgiris prefer destinations that are a little removed from the hustle and bustle of the city so they can relax. The land for sale in Coonoor is still cheaper than most of the land prices in other major cities of Tamil Nadu.

People prefer to go to colder locations during the summer to spend their vacations since the weather in North, Central, and Western India is growing too hot for people to stay, thus those who want to invest and purchase houses in Coonoor must not wait any longer. Consequently, owning property in the Nilgiris would undoubtedly be a blessing for you.

Properties trends in Coonoor

There is a growing demand for independent homes, villas, flats, and residential plots in Coonoor due to the proximity of several British-era institutions and renowned boarding schools in Nilgiri. The type of property and its size affect the cost of owning and renting a home. The topography and climate of Coonoor are ideal for cultivating high-quality tea, hence tea plantations and agricultural land are in high demand there. Depending on your budget, you can choose to purchase land with a tea plantation in a range of sizes, from a few cents for a farm house to several acres for an estate. Coonoor's commercial assets are a source of pride and prosperity for the tourism industry.

Price comparison

Usually it always happens that the real estate property prices in the tourist spots like coonoor are always high as compared to other parts in the cities of the state. But when it comes to Coonoor, it is totally opposite. When the prices of the other major cities in Tamil Nadu were compared to that of Coonoor, it was found that the real estate property prices in Coonoor were cheaper as compared to other major cities of Tamil Nadu. Anna Nagar of Chennai and Madurai, KK Nagar of Trichy and RS Puram of Coimbatore are all considered as posch and costly areas of the respective cities and it is almost impossible for a middle class person to buy properties in these areas owing to the high prices. 

In terms of Rupees per square feet, the average prices of the land for sale in the areas mentioned in Chennai, Madurai, Trichy and Coimbatore are 33,333, 14,595, 21,216 and 19,048 respectively which is too high for a middle class person which is why they cannot even think of buying a properties in the above mentioned areas.

When it comes to the real estate prices in Coonoor, the average price for the land for sale is only 6500 Rs/SqFt which is very much affordable and many people can afford it for residential as well as commercial purposes. Similarly the residential plot price is 20% cheaper than Chennai, builder floor price is 29% cheaper than Chennai and the independent houses and villas are 9% cheaper which makes Coonoor the best place for investment and buying properties because you get the feel of the nature and fresh environment at a cheaper price.