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Best UK Voip Providers for Small Businesses in 2022

by shophia 23 - 27 Apr 2022, Wednesday 107 Views Like (0)
Best UK Voip Providers for Small Businesses in 2022

Are you deciding to shift from landline communication to VoIP? Trying to find the best voip Providers small business? But before choosing any provider, keep the following things in consideration. Hear me out!

How to Choose a VoIP System?

Choosing a VoIP phone system provider in the UK is not easy with such diversity. There are different providers and companies with various plans and prices. So the only thing you can do before going anywhere is to decide what you want and what your vision is about this system.

Decide what you need

The first and foremost step to do is to choose what features you need. You must know the size of your business; you must have a vision of how you will expand your business. Many advanced features can help you grow your business, such as:

  • Call forwarding feature
  • Call recording
  • HD Voice
  • Holding music
  • Tracking
  • Reporting

Check the Cost

You should never forget that knowledge is power. To gain knowledge, you must study the market. First, you must see all the providers and their prices depending on your need. Then, you can compare the costs and choose the best for you.

Do Your Research

It's essential to take suggestions and analyze everything before choosing a provider. Then, you may use social media platforms to get the reviews that can help you decide.

Check Security Policy

Before taking services from any provider who can save your data, read their security policy and ask them how they will not disturb it.

Choose Easily-maintained System

It would help if you choose a provider that is ready to ease your procedures and methods so that the system they are providing can be maintained easily. There will be no need to maintain it every day like traditional landlines.

Choose a Compatible System

One thing you can do to help your employees is "choosing a smartphone-compatible system." Firstly, it will save your money as you don't need to buy extra VoIP phones. Secondly, your employees will respond fastly from their phones. So, it would be best to choose a provider offering a system that can be easily operated and compatible with phones.

Best VoIP Phone Providers

If you are done with all the steps mentioned above, then it is time to change the fate of your businesses. We have shortlisted some of the best VoIP Phone providers in the UK


Xinix is the top-rated VoIP phone provider UK due to its flexibility, scalability, and adjustable price range. This is the only company providing virtual numbers coverage over more than 77 countries around the world. They offer advanced features in such a good range that you can't even imagine. The features include

  • Call recording
  • Tracking
  • Call analytics
  • Instant reporting

Call Ready

Call Ready is also one of the best business VoIP providers in the UK that offer the following services.

  • 1.99 per month for a telephone number
  • No Connection fee
  • No agreement
  • Tracking and Call Records 


Yay provides a free trial for 14 days and a chance to unlock all the fantastic features. See the features below

  • Starting from 20 per month
  • Call Diversions
  • 15 welcome call credit
  • Unlimited voicemails


Lily is also a VoIP provider in the UK with its self-created handset, web, and mobile applications to support the purpose. So you can avail the opportunity anytime.

  • Auto-attendant
  • Flexible access
  • 24/7 support options


Flextel's offer is the best at 30 per month.

  • Free software X-Lite is available
  • Free auto attendant is available
  • Call blocker
  • Intelligent call diversion


Sipgate is also VoIP phone provider UK offering such packages just for the comfort of its customers. 

  • No base fee
  • No minimum contract
  • Low-cost rates
  • Easy Faxing

It's the right time to get your business to the top by using the VoIP system!