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Home Service Commercial Cleaning vs Residential Cleaning: Whatís the Difference?

Commercial Cleaning vs Residential Cleaning: Whatís the Difference?

by Aria Tyler - 20 May 2022, Friday 131 Views Like (0)
Commercial Cleaning vs Residential Cleaning: Whatís the Difference?

How much of a difference could it make if I hire a residential cleaner for my office? Cleaning is cleaning, right? And if Iím able to save some money by choosing a residential cleaner, why shouldnít I?

If youíve had the above thought creep into your mind when searching for a cleaning company for your facility, youíre not alone. While many people believe that residential and commercial cleaning services do the same thing, the reality is quite different! When it comes to commercial cleaning, both the equipment and products used as well the techniques the cleaners use are completely different.

Read on to find out some of the differences between commercial and residential cleaning.


Commercial Cleaning: One of the most obvious differences between the two is the time at which the cleaning is conducted. Most commercial cleaners work evening and night shifts or over the weekends after the building has been emptied. This allows them to do a more thorough job without being disruptive.

Residential Cleaning: On the other hand, most residential cleaning services are conducted during the day when the residents are likely to be home, and often have the most work on the weekends.

Equipment and Tools

Commercial Cleaning: A cleaning company that specialises in cleaning large buildings and commercial properties will use higher-strength disinfectants, advanced carpet cleaners, commercial-grade vacuum cleaners, tile and grout cleaners and high-speed scrubbers and buffers. They need equipment that is able to cover a larger area in a shorter time and that is powerful enough to require minimal effort on the part of the cleaner. Many commercial cleaning businesses today are also leveraging some amazing technologies such as robotics, to clean your premises faster and more efficiently.

Most commercial cleaning companies these days also put emphasis on ensuring their practices are environmentally friendly, which means the products their team uses will be green. They can invest in chemical-free alternatives such as Z-Water for example, and provide reporting on sustainability gains at your premises.

Residential Cleaning: When it comes to residential cleaning, the tools and products they use will be made especially for household use, and may not possess the same strength as commercial-grade equipment and products. They also do not invest heavily in technology, so you could be paying more in the long-run.

Cleaning Standards

Commercial Cleaning: Employers are expected to maintain certain health and safety standards to protect their employees and customers. For industries like healthcare and hospitality, or the restaurant business, this can involve more frequent and deeper cleans to prevent the growth of bacteria. Commercial businesses know how to meet the exacting standards for your industry and will invest in staff training and equipment needed to carry it out correctly. They also ensure reporting and audits are completed for verification of compliance. Not meeting cleaning standards could result in a business losing its operating license, which is why it is so important to hire a team well-versed in meeting the necessary standards.

Residential Cleaning: In residential cleaning, the only standards the team has to meet are those set by the homeowner, or perhaps a property manager if itís an end-of-lease cleaning.

Pricing Methods

Commercial Cleaning: Most commercial cleaning companies charge according to the package you select and may offer many other services on top of cleanings, such as waste management, property maintenance, minor restoration works and other support services. You may even be able to customise the package to best suit your needs. They may also bill you on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis based on the terms of your contract.

Residential Cleaning: In residential cleaning, you are mostly expected to pay the day the service is provided. The rates are calculated based on the amount of work there is, the size and location of the property and the amount of time it takes for the cleaner to do a thorough job.

Hiring a residential cleaner to clean commercial property may seem like a good idea but it can quickly backfire. Because the expertise of both is different, itís almost always best to choose a provider that is specifically trained in meeting the required standards of your facility. Commercial cleaning services cannot be replaced by residential cleaning services, just like a commercial property builder cannot be replaced by a residential property builder.