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How to Hang Curtain Like a Pro

by Ruby Singh - 22 Apr 2022, Friday 74 Views Like (0)
How to Hang Curtain Like a Pro

We always want to have a beautiful home, and curtains are the best way to make your room look bigger and beautiful. With the right fabric, length and pattern you can nail your room's look.   Curtains can be stiff and heavy or flowy and lightweight, they can be in solid colors or full of patterns. Pinch pleats, tailored pleat, cubicle, rod pocket, cubicle or goblet and many such. 

Just like headers, how the curtain hangs plays an important role in the appearance of curtains, and the key role in the material used for making the curtain. The weight and features of the material decides how well the curtain is going to hang over the rod or wall.fabric for curtains are many, cotton, silk, velvet, linen, synthetic blends and many more but choosing the appropriate one is must, as curtains maybe one of the less expensive way of changing your roomís lok but it still is a good investment. 

 Readymade curtains are easier to find online and even come in many designs and patterns but it doesnít have your touch. We always want the things in our home to have our touch, the essence of you in it. Getting yourself a custom made curtain can not only bring your essence to it but even comes out looking more appealing then those readymade curtains. Custom made curtains can be customized in fabrics, measurements, and even in patterns so you can love three different curtains and get it done in one. As many times you find a pattern but not the perfect fabric and when you get both the measurements donít work well for you so find by yourself a custom curtains online store, that can be the best one for you. 

  Basic types of curtains available are

  1. Sheer curtain

Sheer curtains are transparent and light weight curtains which flow amazingly on the wall. They let light in which gives the space a very positive and airy vibe.  

  1. Window scarfs

A type of valance hung on a window, it can be stand alone or paired with other curtains they bring a royal appearance to your room. They help by adding layers to your curtains to bring the Victorian style to your room. 

  1. Semi-sheers 

Better than sheer at offering privacy, they are semi sheer and are better for a bedroom with heavy blinds paired with it. And can be used alone in the bathrooms for airy ambience.

  1. Blackout 

Blackout curtains provide the most privacy and opaqueness and insulation which works well for bedrooms and places where privacy is most needed. 

Curtains alone can change the whole look and vibe of the room no matter how basic pattern you use or how bright color you use. They can make the room look taller, luxurious and even spacier only depending on how well you hang them. But how do we hang them? What should be the height of the rod? What length of curtain? Which fabric?  It should be blackout, lined or unlined. Should it be drapes or curtains?

  1. Hang them high

No matter what height your ceiling is, try hanging the rods as high as you can. If you have a smaller ceiling strat your curtain right from above to create an illusion of a higher ceiling, but if you already have a higher ceiling make sure to hang your rod at least 8-12 inches or midway from your window to ceiling. 

  1. Hang them wide

Try hanging your curtain rods wider from your window approx 6- 8 inches so when you open your curtains you can easily have a pleated look at the edge and sufficient width for light to enter, this will even help you have a wider window feel. 

  1. Hang them in the right length  

When you let your curtain flow make sure they are either just the right size of your window or right above the floor or even touching the floor. For a bohemian look you can even let yourself create a puddle of an inch or two not more than that. 

  1. Hang the right amount of panels

When you close your curtains you want them to look fuller and not justa flat fabric. To get and measure the right measurement of fabric width try multiplying the width with 1.5 to get the right measurement of the window panel 

  1. Hang the right style of panels

Not sure which style of curtains you want to use. When you donít understand what types are available and which one to choose. Sheer, lined or blackout? Let's look what features they possesses 


When you are planning to have a curtain which lets a good amount of light in the room and a light weight offering nominal privacy kind of type, sheer curtains are perfect for you. They can be in subtle pattern and texture and try avoiding shiny synthetic sheer fabric and go for a dryer or natural kind of fabric. 


They offer more privacy compared to sheer curtains, but still let enough light pass through them. They add extra layer insulation to the curtains, with layers the curtains help in noise cancellation and make the room feel cozier. 


Blackout curtains are the perfect choice when you donít want any light to seep into your room and need total privacy. They help in resisting unwanted rays and weather changes, velvet blackout curtains even keep the room warmer on cold days. 

After knowing how you can hang your curtain the real problem arises should you buy readymade curtains or custom made curtains. With the above things in mind you can easily hang curtains like a pro at your home. You can pre plan what kind of curtains you want, what vibe you want for your room, how long you plan on using these curtains and where are you going to use these curtains as curtains for your bedroom and kids room will be different even the one used in kitchen is always different every room have its own feature and curtains are to be decided accordingly.