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Screen Printing Help to Prepare the Best Branded Clothes

by Samaira Rocks - 15 Jul 2022, Friday 118 Views Like (0)
Screen Printing Help to Prepare the Best Branded Clothes

Screen printing is essential for effective branding if you plan on creating brand association and promoting your business with promotional items, promotional giveaways, along with promotional and branded apparel. Considered the industries standard for the highest quality for custom t-shirt and apparel printing, promotional items and promotional products, and decal printing.

Many people who are interested in branding for their business are interested in screen printing services, but are unaware that what they are looking for, is in fact, and called screen printing services. Have you ever seen an item, such as pens, sunglasses, Frisbee’s, or bottle opener's with a company name and logo on it? Chances are, those logos were printed on those items via screen printing.

If you want to build your brand, promotional items and promotional giveaways are always a great way to go, and screen printing is how you would have those items branded. What's so great about promotional giveaways are not only do people love receiving free items, but they now have an item they will use, and there friends and family will see, with you business' brand on them.

Also, Custom Branded Apparel Washington DC with your brand on it looks professional, and immediately establishes your brand as a legitimate company in customer's eyes. Why? Because all the major companies have apparel with their company and logo.

When looking for a screen printing company, there are 3 things to always check.

They quality of their work

Request to see earlier work they have done. Make sure to look at a few different items.

The turnaround time

Some companies will have their own screen printing equipment, others will not. The biggest concern with a company that does not have their own equipment, is it can take a longer time for the items to be produced and arrive. It can also result in higher costs.

The Extent of Promotional Services Offered

Ideally, you want a company who can produce all types of screen printing and promotional needs. It can be a major hassle going from Embroidery Washington DC for promotional items, and another for promotional t-shirts, and another for promotional hats.

A company that can offer these would be the ideal company to work with, as all items can be purchased under one roof, from one contact.

Once you have selected a supplier, it's time to move forward with screen printing services. When it comes to promotional items and promotional giveaways, if your business is small, it is better to start small and build up on items and apparel. For example, if you launch in the city of Philadelphia. It would be best to have promotional items to give away at a few events throughout the city, and as the business grows, begin giving away more items at more events. There are some important tips that should be noted when printing. These are:

Correct placement of screens

The artist should pay close attention to how he/she positions the screen on the substrate or material to be printed. If screens are wrongly placed on the substrate it would result in wrong registration of designs at designated areas of the substrate. Also, if the prints are repeated on the cloth in a special pattern or arrangement, there will be gaps or disorderliness in the arrangement.

Appropriate pressure on the squeegee

The pressure exerted on the squeegee should be moderate and well thought of. This is because if the pressure exerted is less, some areas of the screen will not be registered in print. On the other hand, if a lot of pressure is exerted on the screen, it will result in the blurring of designs on the substrate. This means that the printing ink or paste will extend beyond the boundaries or edges of the design. Therefore, the pressure exerted on the squeegee should not be too light neither should it be too much.

Instant washing of screens

The screens used for printing should be washed immediately after printing to avoid the blockage of screens. This is due to the fact that when the printing ink residue is allowed to stay on the screen for some time it ceases to be washed off from the screen resulting in its blockage. It is appropriate then to wash the screen right after the printing with soapy or warm water and foam to remove all ink residues. However, it should be washed gently otherwise it will result in the creation of pinholes which are small areas of the coated screen which are free from the coating solution or the tearing or reduction of tension in the taut stretched screen.


Screen Printing Fairfax VA screens manually or mechanically is the choice of the artist based on the resources at his disposal and the time s/he has to deliver. Each of the screen development processes and its printing procedure requires great patience and determination so as to produce accurate duplication of designs.