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What Is Included in Standard Cleaning?

by Johnny Carter - 12 Sep 2022, Monday 65 Views Like (0)
What Is Included in Standard Cleaning?

Do you not get enough time to clean your house or apartment? Are you frustrated from walking in a dirty house? If yes, you can hire standard cleaning services now. Janitors are professionals and can easily handle cleaning tasks that people don't have time for. You can hire regular cleaners weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly depending on what works best with your schedule. The main objective of a standard cleaning is to maintain the home's cleanliness. But what does standard cleaning include? Here is a complete breakdown of the household chores included in regular cleaning.

1- Standard Kitchen Cleaning

As a standard cleaning service in Charlotte, NC includes all the regular cleaning regimes; kitchen cleaning mainly features a dusting of appliances and mopping surfaces. A standard kitchen cleaning checklist might include:

  • Washing and scrubbing the dishwasher and the sink using a high-quality detergent.
  • Dusting and cleaning of kitchen cabinets from outside.
  • Cleaning the microwave from the outside.
  • Cleaning the countertops with a detergent.
  • Mopping the floors with a wet cloth.
  • Dust cleaning of all other accessible surfaces with a microfiber cloth.
  • Wet wiping the light fixtures and door handles.
  • Cleaning the Stove to remove the food spills.
  • Emptying the trash can and replacing the trash bag on it. 

2- Standard Bathroom Cleaning

Some people compare standard cleaning services with regular maintenance. But, both of them are equally important and shouldn't be neglected. Bathrooms are subjected to a lot of dirt and dust; hence a regular standard cleaning is very important. A bathroom checklist includes 

  • Cleaning and wet wiping the toilet, bathtub, and bathroom sink. 
  • Dusting and wiping the bathroom cabinets.
  • Wiping the door handles and light covers in the bathroom. 
  • Cleaning of mirrors and glass doors of showers with a proper glass cleaner.
  • Wet wiping off the bathroom floor with a detergent and a floor mop
  • Removal of trash from the waste bins. 

3- Standard Cleaning of Lounge and Bedrooms

Standard cleaning includes a lounge and at least one bedroom of a residential apartment. However, companies that provide standard cleaning services in Charlotte, NC, don't have any limitations. Therefore, more rooms can be added if they need cleaning service. The combined checklist of a bedroom and a lounge includes

  • Dusting and wet wiping of the ceiling fan with switchboards. 
  • Removal of the dust and cobwebs from the corners of the ceiling using a long handle broom.
  • The dusting of windows, including the trim and the windowsill.
  • The dusting of wooden furniture. This includes every type of furniture, whether wooden or any other material. Wooden furniture might require dusting every day.
  • Cleaning the lights with the light covers. 
  • Cleaning of the decoration pieces and wall hangings. 
  • Vacuuming the carpets and sofas for the removal of hidden dust.
  • Cleaning of mirrors.
  • The dusting of both exterior parts of a wardrobe. 
  • The dusting of electronic devices, for example, television and air conditioners. 
  • Removal of garbage from trash cans and replacement of trash bags.
  • Changing of bedsheet if needed.

What Isn't Included in Standard Cleaning?

Although standard cleaning covers most parts of your residential building, there are many things that it doesn't include. For example, standard cleaning is a bit lesser than deep cleaning. Though it cleans the majority of the house, it still doesn't feature

  • Cleaning of the entrance lobby and the exterior of your house. 
  • Cleaning the refrigerator from the inside and outside. 
  • Cleaning the microwave from the inside the removal of food spills. 
  • Dusting and cleaning the cabinets and wardrobe from inside.
  • Thorough washing of the windows

The Importance of Standard Cleaning

A clean home always feels better, but there are much more reasons to clean your house daily. Cleaning your house regularly ensures a healthy life for you and your family by killing germs and bacteria. It enhances the quality of the indoor air by removing dust on a daily basis. This is very important for people who have respiratory problems. Therefore, without standard cleaning, you won't have fresh air to breathe because of mold formation.

Regular standard cleaning also ensures that everything remains in order. This means that you don't have to waste time looking for misplaced items. When everything is organized and in the right place, you'll feel better and sleep better. When you hire a professional company for standard cleaning services, that peace of mind eventually gets bigger. They take the worry of time management away from your life and give you exceptional results. 

Cleaning the house is important for everyone. However, it becomes the last thing on your to-do list when you have a busy routine. Furthermore, you may not know which products to use on certain surfaces or areas that are difficult to clean. Hiring a professional company for standard cleaning services is important, as keeping up with them can save you time and energy. Within no time, you will have your house sparkling clean.