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16 Wfh Desk Accessories to Work Like a Pro

by Ben Max - 16 Sep 2022, Friday 128 Views Like (0)
16 Wfh Desk Accessories to Work Like a Pro

Working from home is a dream for many people. It offers an opportunity to have a flexible schedule and to have more time for family and friends. However, it also means that you will be on your own. Working from home can be difficult if you don’t prepare properly, but there are some things that you can do to make the process easier.

This article will list some of the best desk accessories to work like a pro.

Wireless Mouse

Wireless mice are a great option for those who work from home. They allow you to work in your own space while still being able to use a mouse.

  • You can move around and not have to worry about the cord getting in your way.
  • You can use them with any laptop, tablet, or other device that has Bluetooth capabilities.
  • You can customize the settings of your mouse so that it feels more natural for you and works better with your hands.

Desk Lamp

A desk lamp provides light that will help you stay focused on what you need to accomplish for the day. It can also help reduce eye strain and fatigue which will make it easier to work long hours without feeling tired or exhausted. They are also great for providing the right amount of light when you need to do any type of reading or writing.

Laptop Stand/Riser

People who use a laptop for a long time may experience neck and back pain. This is because they are hunched over their computer and not getting the correct posture. Laptop stands can help with this problem by elevating the laptop so that you are more ergonomic, which will reduce your risk of developing neck and back pain.

Monitor Arm

A monitor arm is a piece of equipment that has the ability to hold and display a computer monitor, laptop, tablet or any other flat-screen device. This equipment is used to create a stand for the monitor to be placed on and is usually attached to a desk or table.

Monitor arms are helpful because they allow monitors to be positioned at eye level and reduce neck strain, eye strain and fatigue while also improving posture. They can also help improve ergonomics by preventing repetitive stress injuries.

Underdesk Titable Footrest

A footrest is a device that provides support to the feet while sitting.

The most common type of
footrest is the tiltable type, which can be tilted up and down. This promotes lower body muscle movement while also providing relief from pressure on the back of their legs and knees.

Cable Organisers

Cable organisers are a great way to reduce clutter on your desk. They can hold all of your cables in one place and make them easy to access when you need them.

There are many different types of cable organisers available on the market, so it is important to choose one that is best suited for you and your needs.

USB Cable Hub

This is a hub that allows you to plug in and charge up to four USB devices at the same time. It's designed for people who often find themselves with a ton of devices that need charging and have limited outlets.
Some of the use cases for this product are:

  • You have a lot of devices that need charging but don't have many outlets
  • You want to be able to charge your laptop and phone at the same time without having to carry around an extra power adapter
  • You travel frequently and want something compact and easy to pack.

Desk Calendar

The desk calendar is a traditional way of organizing work. It has been around for a very long time and it still remains one of the most popular ways of organizing work.

Desk calendars are usually made out of paper, cardboard, or fabric and they can be hung up on the wall or propped up on the desk. They are usually designed in such a way that they can be flipped through to see what is happening on any given day. These days, many people use their smartphone or tablet to keep track of their schedules but desk calendars remain popular because they offer a more tactile experience.


Headphones can be used for a variety of purposes. They can be used for entertainment, listening to music, and even as a form of communication. Headphones are essential in telecommuting as they allow employee to work in isolation and focus on their work.

They also reduce the noise level around them which is crucial when you need to concentrate on your work or want to listen to music while working at home.

Desk Riser

Desk risers are a great way to get more height out of your desk so you can work or stand more comfortably. This is especially useful for people who spend the majority of their day at their desk.

There are many benefits to using a desk riser, including:

  • A better posture
  • Improved concentration and mental focus
  • Less back pain and strain
  • Increased productivity

Wrist Rest Mouse Pad

A mouse pad with wrist rest is an essential tool for anyone who spends a lot of time on the computer. It can help to prevent repetitive strain. The pads are usually made of a soft material that provides comfort and support for your wrist while you use the mouse.


Remote work is becoming more popular, and more people are working from home. A lot of remote workers have jobs that require them to speak on the phone or online meeting with clients/co-workers.
It makes communication easier with the team and also helps in increasing productivity which can be done by not having any distractions.

Indoor Plants

Desk plants have been scientifically proven to improve air quality and reduce stress levels, so they are great for improving the well-being of employees.

Desk Organizers

A desk organizer is an item that is used to keep the clutter off of a desk and make it easier for the person using it to find what they need. There are many different types of desk organizers, including trays, baskets, cup holders and other items that can be placed on the desktop or hung on the wall.

Phone Holder

A phone holder is essential for any remote worker. It is a small investment that will make your life easier.

There are many reasons why you might want to switch back and forth between your laptop and phone while working remotely. Sometimes you might need to check in on a meeting, or you might need to take notes on something that’s happening in the meeting. Other times, you may need to switch over to your phone because it’s more convenient than the laptop for what you’re doing at the moment.

Mobile Pedestal Cabinet

A mobile pedestal cabinet is an excellent choice when you need a mobile workstation that is sturdy and reliable, but not too heavy. These cabinets can be moved around easily, thanks to their casters, which allow them to be moved with one hand.

Final Words

In conclusion, we have seen that there are a lot of desk accessories. From the wireless mouse to the pedestal cabinet, there is something for everyone. We hope our list has given you some ideas on how to get started with your own remote work lifestyle.