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5 Amazing White Flowers Perfect for Birthdays

by Jessica Terry - 22 Jun 2022, Wednesday 191 Views Like (0)
5 Amazing White Flowers Perfect for Birthdays

Birthdays are to celebrate people and how can flowers not be a part of this celebration! Flowers make a great birthday gift. When nothing else comes to mind, take a bunch of flowers (and a cake, maybe!) and you’ll be all set to make anyone happy. Though people look for colorful flowers to give on birthdays, elegant white bouquets stand out in the crowd. So, if you want to give your friend something unique, then, check out the 5 best white flowers.

1. Daisies

A bunch of fresh white daisies is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. These sweet and simple blooms are enough to brighten up a birthday. Daisies come in different shades. But white daisies are the best. They symbolize simplicity, purity, innocence, and genuine beauty. These bright flowers also represent hope. You can pick a bunch of daisies with their long, lance-shaped leaves to gift your dear one. Or, you can combine daisies with hydrangeas or ranunculus to create a beautiful bouquet. Reputed local  flower shops on Westmeath ON  can help you create the arrangement you want. 

2. Tulips

A bouquet of white tulips can be mesmerizing. They make a popular birthday gift for dear ones. White tulips represent purity, honor, and innocence. Tulips also symbolize the perfect love. So, these blooms are perhaps the best choice for your dear one’s birthday. There are different types of tulip arrangements available with Pembroke florists. You can choose to give an all-white tulips bouquet or add some colors like white and violet tulips. Add some greens in between and you’ll have the best gift. 

3. Baby’s Breath

A Baby’s breath is a tiny flower that can steal the spotlight. Though they look amazing with roses and lilies, a bunch of baby’s breath only can take your breath away! These tiny blooms symbolize everlasting love. So, it makes a perfect birthday gift for your special one. However, the flowers also represent innocence, hope, and purity. Baby’s breath bouquets look lovely. You can pick the ones placed in a vase or jar. Also, you can go for the simple bunches wrapped in colored papers and tied with a big ribbon bow.

4. Orchids

Fresh white orchids are excellent as birthday gifts. They are a symbol of purity, innocence, beauty, faith, humility, and elegance. White orchid flower arrangements are enchanting. They stand out wherever you carry them. You can choose to buy the white blooms placed in a transparent or pastel vase. Or, you can simply get a bunch of white orchids, decorated with ribbons and green foliage. There is a wide variety of orchid bouquets and other birthday flowers in Pembroke ON. Get anything of your choice from the local florists. 

5. Gerbera

Another white beauty to gift on birthdays is gerbera. Gerberas are simple, elegant flowers ideal to give to your dear ones on birthdays. White gerberas represent innocence and purity of the heart. So, gifting a bunch of these blooms to a simple and innocent friend can make them smile instantly. Get a bunch of white gerberas with some added foliage. You can also add other flowers like lilacs or a baby’s breath to make an attractive arrangement