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7 Flowers That Donít Cause Allergy

by Jessica Terry - 27 Sep 2022, Tuesday 353 Views Like (0)
7 Flowers That Donít Cause Allergy

When you send flowers to your loved ones, be careful. Several people have flower allergies. So, create a bouquet with hypoallergenic flowers. Here, we have listed 7 flowers that do not cause allergies. They are 100% safe and you can send them to anybody without a second thought. Lometaís Flowers in Soddy Daisy has an extensive collection of hypoallergenic flowers that you can explore.

  1. Hydrangea

Hydrangeas are gorgeous flowers available in different subtle shades. They are low-pollen flowers that make them hypoallergenic. Hydrangeas are fragrant too. They have a sweet smell and hence, are popular as wedding flowers. Hydrangeas are appropriate choices for sympathy and funeral flowers in Chattanooga TN as well. These arrangements are either standalone bouquets or hydrangeas are paired with roses and lilies. You can pick other hypoallergenic flowers to pair with hydrangeas and create custom bouquets.

  1. Sunflowers

Bright and radiant sunflowers are hypoallergenic and they are particularly bred for indoor bouquets. These yellow beauties can light up a room, according to flower shops in Chattanooga TN. Sunflowers paired with neutral and warm-hued flowers look stunning. These flowers symbolize friendship, joy, and positivity. Hence, they are perfect as a gift for your dear ones. 

  1. Roses

These classic beauties top the list of favorite flowers for many people. Roses are widely available in various shades and thankfully, they are hypoallergenic too. You can create different types of bouquets with roses Ė standalone or paired with other hypoallergenic beauties. Roses are ideal for any occasion Ė weddings, graduation flowers, sympathy flowers, get-well-soon flowers, and much more. You will quickly get a variety of rose bouquets. You can also get stunning bouquets with other local florists like Lometaís Flowers for doorstep flower delivery in Chattanooga TN.

  1. Tulips

These sweet, simple, and cheerful blooms are a symbol of loyalty and purity. They are available in different colors like yellow, red, white, pink, orange, etc. Tulips are also a suitable option for people who have allergies. They are spring bulb flowers with a low pollen count. Hence, they will not cause any allergic reactions. Get Chattanooga Florist delivery of tulips from local flower shops by ordering online.

  1. Orchids

These exotic tropical blooms are beyond beautiful and they can impress anyone. Orchids are a great gifting option for people with allergies. They are one of the most hypoallergenic flowers that are available in more than 25000 species. Gifting an orchid bouquet is perfect for any celebration Ė weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. These royal flowers can be the show-stopper at any celebration. 

  1. Iris

These bright and bold flowers are also an allergy-friendly option. These unique beauties can add charm to any bouquet. They are vibrant and eye-catching. Thus, irises can turn heads and attract admiration from everyone. Purple and pink irises are simply stunning. You can get them from florists like Lometaís. They also offer same day flower delivery in Chattanooga TN. So, if you have upcoming birthdays, weddings or anniversaries, get a beautiful and unique irises bouquet.

  1. Carnation

Another versatile and elegant flower belonging to the hypoallergenic genre is the carnation. They come in so many colors and variants, and you can find a suitable color for any occasion. Carnations have low amount of pollen, hence, donít cause allergy. They are also very pocket-friendly, and go well with any other flowers as combination.

It is sad that allergy-sensitive people mostly adore flowers from afar because of potential allergic reactions. But thanks to these pretty hypoallergenic flowers, even allergy-sensitive people can now be around these beauties. Get these floral bouquets of hypoallergenic flowers and send them to your dear ones to make their day