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Beautiful and Romantic Flowers That Symbolize Love and Affection

by Jessica Terry - 27 Sep 2022, Tuesday 400 Views Like (0)
Beautiful and Romantic Flowers That Symbolize Love and Affection

Isn’t flower one of the first things that comes to your mind when you are thinking of expressing your love to your loved ones? This is because we for a long time have had a persistent relationship with flowers. Their beauty and delicate scent are some of the reasons that keep on inspiring people to use them as a means to portray their love. 

Flowers, because of their meaningful symbolism, would never be an outdated means when it comes to expressing one’s deep feelings. Many are unaware of the fact that there’s an array of flowers available that would aid them in successfully conveying their feelings. 

Below is a list of some of the many flowers that serve the purpose of portraying one’s love and affection. You can buy them all from florists in Glendale AZ. Elite Flowers and Gifts is a premium flower delivery service that delivers to your doorstep. They also offer same-day delivery services for your urgent requirements. Check out their collection today!

  • Carnation

Dazzle your beloved with a bouquet of Carnations and let them know how much your heart aches for them. These blooms come in an array of colors and represents pure love, admiration, gratitude, and good luck. There are also some interesting beliefs like if you gift a full carnation while asking someone out the answer would most probably be an affirmative one. Apart from romantic relationships you can also present this bloom to your loved ones on their anniversary or birthday and make them feel special. 

  • Orchids

This multi-colored bloom represents love, strength, purity, hope, and luck. And from the early 1800s this bloom also started representing luxury. Orchid is one of the delicate and exotic ornamental plants that you can present you loved ones on their anniversary, and birthdays. Also, using this beautiful bloom you can let your beloved know how precious they are for you.

  • Daisy

These blooms hold a very special place in Norse mythology, because they believe Daisy to be goddess Freya’s sacred flower. Just like their different colors Daisies also have different meanings. It represents beauty, innocence, new beginnings, sensibility, cheerfulness, love, and many more. By presenting a bouquet of Daisies you can let your loved one know that you love them dearly and enjoy their company.

  • Iris

This bloom dates back to Ancient Greece when goddess Iris acted as a connection between heaven and earth and it is also related to various other historical events.  This majestic bloom represents various things like wisdom, hope, valour and unconditional love. So when you want to let your special person know that you trust them and love them unconditionally always opt for a bouquet of Iris. Furthermore, the classic and elegant look of this bouquet would make your beloved feel that they are loved and cared for.

  • Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria or Peruvian Lily is a very interesting flower that draws its meaning from its six gorgeous petals. Each petal has a different meaning, such as understanding, commitment, empathy, respect, patience, and humour. Apart from these this flower also symbolizes strength, romantic love, new beginnings. Like the Victorians you too can use this sweet-scented bloom to let your special person know that they are your beloved. Receiving these bright colored beautiful blooms will surely delight your beloved.

  • Tulips

When looking for something that will convey your unconditional love don’t hesitate just go for Tulips. These blooms come in various colors, like- red, yellow, purple, pink, and white.  Among all these colors the red tulip represents powerful, everlasting, and perfect love and the other colors have their own special symbolism. You can use these flowers as a present for your loved one on their anniversary, birthday, or to celebrate a new relationship. It is also a great choice as Sweetest Day flower, Valentine’s Day flower, or I miss you flower.

Well, here we presented you with some of the beautiful, and romantic flowers that are packed with special meanings. By gifting these to your beloved you can make your special moment even more special. You can also surprise your beloved with these blooms and it will surely brighten their day. For a quick and prompt Peoria flower delivery, try Elite Flowers and Gifts now