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Essential Tips for Firewood Storage in Your Home

by Amara Gomez - 23 May 2022, Monday 425 Views Like (0)
Essential Tips for Firewood Storage in Your Home

If you have a fireplace in your home, it canít function well without quality firewood. In fact, you need a regular supply of firewood. However, it is not feasible as well as practical to pick the firewood every time you need the supply. Also, it can be more expensive and might prove to be challenging when you suddenly need firewood. It is convenient and cost-effective to buy firewood in bulk and store it at home so that you have immediate access to them.

Buying the firewood is easy, but firewood storage can be a task. You might think that firewood can be stored easily on a rack, but it is not that simple. How you store them and where you store them is important. Poorly placed wood is more likely to have issues like moulds, fungus, etc. They are also likely to have critters living in them like snakes and rodents, etc, which can lead to safety hazards. 

Hereís a look at some storage tips for you to store the firewood at home after getting the delivery from logstore in your home:

  • Stack your firewood properly

You need to stack the firewood right away as they are likely to have insects or rodent infestation. Just placing your firewood haphazardly wonít leave space for air circulation. Air circulation is important for enabling the wood to keep dry. If the wood is not stacked carefully, there is a risk of moisture as well. 

  • Keeping the wood dry

The moisture in the wood is released from the cut ends. This means you can keep the wood dry by placing them in such a way that cut ends are exposed. This is something that you must keep in mind. There are stacking methods that allow you to place the wood facing in a different direction to improve the airflow. 

You might think of placing the wood tightly without leaving any gap to save space, but you should stack the wood in a loose manner to enable air circulation between the logs.

  • Keep the stack in a stable condition

When you stack the pile of firewood on the rack, you should avoid straight and vertical rows. Instead, you should stack the wood just like bricks while building a wall. Overlapping the rows when you place the logs one by one will keep them stable and prevent them from falling. An unstable stack of logs can fall on children or pets. Proper stacking is a significant safety measure as well.

  • The stack above the ground

It is best to keep your firewood storage a few inches above the ground. This will help in keeping the firewood dry and prevent exposure to moisture. Moisture can lead to infestations, and wood wonít burn well.

  • Avoid stacking firewood indoors

It is not a good idea to store the firewood inside your home. It is best to store the firewood outside and only bring the logs inside as much as you want to burn. This allows you to enjoy the firewood without going out frequently, and your stack will also remain safe outside.

  • Keep the firewood storage place clean

Most people donít pay attention to the wooden piles during the warm months when the wood is not burnt frequently. An unattended stack can become messy and impact the appearance of your exteriors, become infested, increase the risk of fire, and have moisture issues, etc. 

Keeping the above-mentioned tips in mind will help in storing your firewood in good condition once they are delivered to your house from the logstore. Taking care of your firewood will help in getting a good quality burn.