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List of Trending Summer Flowers

by Jessica Terry - 13 Jun 2022, Monday 179 Views Like (0)
List of Trending Summer Flowers

Summer is all about vacations, having fun, beach days and rejuvenation. Just as spring moves away with its aura, next what comes in is summer. A season loved by many. Summer brings in high energy and makes us jubilant. But there is more to summer than just this, flowers of course. Summer flowers are a lovely sight, vast lands of colorful flowers make a picturesque scenery. With a bunch of notable events and festivals falling in the summer months flowers become a must have.

Here is a list of flowers that bloom to their full glory in summers- 

1. Begonia

This flower has waxy, round petals. Usually seen in colors pink and red. This has more than 500 species in this family of Begoniaceae. Begonia flowering plants grow well in shady areas, and are low maintenance they will bring to your garden. Begonia has a unique formation of petals unlike other flowering plants. 

2. Clematis

A lovely flower with shades of lavender and white, it grows like a vine and produces lovely flowers. Thrives in direct sunlight and comes from a family of Rununculae. These flowers are also known as travelers' joy. The petals on this one can be different but commonly it has 10-12 pointed petals with a white center. 

3. Dahlia
A summer classic, this flower is round and like a ball of fur, Dahlia comes from the family of Daisies, it comes in various colors of orange, pink, white and now with hybrid tech these flowers can now be  spotted in black. These flowers make a great fresh cut flower for lovely summer flower arrangements and you can get it from a temple florist.

4. Daisies
Daisies itself are a huge family housing more than 100 species of flowers with different colors, shapes and sizes. Daisies are commonly seen in colors white and yellow, but you will find them in all vibrant shades. You can choose from Florist daisy, Aster daisy, gerbera daisy and more. 

5. Hydrangea
This magnificent flower has clusters of blooms on a single stem. These are dense with a short stem and make great additions to flower arrangements. Hydrangeas come in colors, purple, white, blue and lime green. Get Hydrangea  flower delivery in San dimas with Fanny’s flowers. 

6. Hibiscus
These tropical flowers go amazingly well in warm temperatures, they are comparatively bigger than  some other flowers here in the list. Not super easy to cultivate, but these are resistant to warm temperature and give off a unique shape and amazing bright colors. 

7. Snapdragon
This multi dimensional flower that you must have seen looks like a dream when seen from a distance. It covers huge pieces of land and is tall with eccentric blooms on either side. Snapdragons once again make a great bouquet flower especially for brides. 

8. Sunflower
This flower truly defines summer with its glowing yellow tones and contrasting black center. These flowers make a flowy bohemian bouquet. Sunflowers are great to have around you, a sight of these flowers will make you happy and cheer up. Get a bunch of these with  flower delivery in rosemead ca.

Summer and flowers have been friends for too long. Celebrate this season in its true spirits with flowers