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Pakistani Clothes - Specialties, Facts, and More

by hassan raza - 25 May 2022, Wednesday 330 Views Like (0)
Pakistani Clothes - Specialties, Facts, and More

Pakistan is a country situated in South Asia. It is a rich country when it comes to traditions and culture. This cultural country has a lot to offer when considering clothing. Pakistani clothes are admired all around the world, mainly because of the fact that there is a great touch of culture and religious traditions in their clothing. So, if you are here to know more about Pakistani clothing, here is a detailed guide. We explore the specialties, facts and more about Pakistani clothing. Here is everything you need to know about Pakistani clothing, including the facts and features!

Pakistani Clothing Defined

Pakistani clothing is simply defined as the way Pakistanis dress up. There is that unique way of dressing up as far as Pakistanis are concerned. Pakistani clothes are always attractive. The national dress in Pakistan is salwar kameez. There is a long shirt with a trouser called a salwar. However, this is different from a regular shirt and trouser.

The Influence of Religious Traditions in Clothing

A fact about Pakistani clothing is that there is a great influence of religion on their clothing. They often follow the sunnah which is the way Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to dress up. Pakistani men follow his teachings a lot and dress up like that. Also, women follow what is advised by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) when they dress up.

The Advancement & Modernism in Pakistani Fashion

There is a great blend of modernism and traditional styles in Pakistani Clothes. Their clothes are both advanced and traditional. Many Pakistanis do wear western clothes while a few prefer only traditional clothes. Also, you would see people wearing clothes that are a mix of modern and traditional clothing styles.

The Love for Traditional Clothing!

No matter where Pakistanis go, the love for their traditions and culture is unmatchable. Even Pakistanis living in the UK love wearing traditional clothes. You would see Pakistani women living in the UK wearing salwar kameez, short kurtas, frocks and similar Pakistani style dresses.

The Different Styles of Dresses on Different Occasions

What determines which dresses to wear? The occasions to wear them! Pakistani people have different styles of dresses to be worn on certain occasions. For instance, there are lawn dresses to be worn during the summer and khaddar dresses to be worn during the winters. Also, they would wear different dresses on a routine basis while different dresses at parties, weddings and similar occasions.

Where to Shop Pakistani Clothes in the UK?

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