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Types of Sympathy Flowers

by Jessica Terry - 15 Jun 2022, Wednesday 354 Views Like (0)
Types of Sympathy Flowers

A bouquet of sympathy flowers represents your support, hope and goodwill. Sympathy flowers are known to express the peace after passing away, empathy towards the family members of the deceased and constant support in tough times. With a wide range of availability of flowers and bouquets it can get overwhelming to choose from. There are no specific rules to choose sympathy flowers but if you know the purpose, the kind and type of flowers it gets easier to choose.

Here are types of sympathy flowers which you can get easily from  flower shop in eatonton ga

1. Roses
Oftentimes this is the first choice when it comes to funeral service flowers, roses we all know symbolize love. Red roses along with white ones make the best pick. People might always go for pastel shades and subtle colors but that's not always the case. Vibrant colors are symbolic of the personality of the deceased. Red roses have religious symbolism and are known to represent the blood of christ. White roses on the other hand symbolize purity and innocence. 

2. Lilies
White easter lilies also have a religious symbolism to them, they are also known as white-robed apostles of hope and are known to represent the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This is a traditional funeral service flower which you can find at Eatonton ga florist. These also make an appropriate choice for Sympathy Flower for office in Eatonton GA

3. Orchids
Another traditional flower to choose to show sympathy, Orchids are known for their intricate blooms, sound in colors white, yellow and purple. Orchids alone make a suitable bouquet and they also blend well with other bouquets. Orchids symbolize eternal love, strength and beauty. The blooms on this one are long lasting. Your eatonton ga florist would have one you would need. 

4. Daffodils
These are early spring bloomers and are known for their unique star shaped center and color. Daffodils commonly come in yellow and white. The yellow on this one is subtle and depicts sunshine. Daffodils represent the promise of resurrection, rebirth and new beginnings. 

5. Hyacinth
Bulbs like flower clusters on this flower that has its roots in Greek mythology. These flowers come in colors blue, violet, pink and more. This color symbolizes peace, commitment, pride and beauty. Hyacinth are short and need to be arranged in a vase. You can get funeral flower arrangements in eatonton

A tall flower with blooms on each side, this flower is used in casket sprays, which are placed over the casket. Gladiolus come once again in colorful colors, pink, yellow, purple and red. Gladiolus symbolizes strength of character, remembrance and moral integrity. 


These purple flowers are known for their scent, color and symbolism. This is used at funeral services of the young because they represent innocence, youth and purity. Get these flowers with delivery in eatonton. 

Losing someone is the last thing anyone would ever expect, so we are never prepared. But flowers can foster the healing process. With the best flower shop in Eatonton, get sympathy flowers from any florist near Eatonton Ga.