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Why Flowers Are Important as Last Goodbyes

by Jessica Terry - 04 Oct 2022, Tuesday 395 Views Like (0)
Why Flowers Are Important as Last Goodbyes

Flowers have always been the finest and the most pleasant way to express our feelings. They are known to express our most profound senses and sentiments. We use flowers not only to express our condolences at untoward incident but also to comfort people going through pain. They are the best form of tribute to the departing soul. Have you ever thought about why and how flowers became a part of expressing grief? Wilmington florist understands this most challenging part of life; therefore, they have many options of blossoms that could define the sentiment of the grieved family. We will tell you the inherited reasons for sending flowers in sad times.

Funeral flowers and their ancient reference-

It's not just today that lying flowers beside the departing soul is practiced. In ancient times, as discoveries say, flowers were kept near dead bodies as a mark of respect and final goodbye. Back then, archaeologists in an excavation site in Iraq found dried flowers and pollens from the burial sites. This finding made it clear that when our forefathers used to bury someone, they made sure to surround the body with flowers or leave some flowers around out of respect. Considering these clues from the past, the practice of using flowers while paying tribute has become a ritual today. Hence, Wilmington flower delivery helps you out in this tragic time and provides you with the most suitable bloom for condolence.

Flowers and their spiritual significance

Flowers signify the rule of nature. As one is born, one has to die on one fine day. A similar character is depicted by the flowers as well. Flowers are given during condolence or funerals because they illustrate the same phenomenon. Flowers come from buds destined to pass away after blooming to their fullest and spreading their scent. Therefore, flowers have this spiritual significance to make people understand that no matter how glorified your life is, everything comes to an end at once.      

How flowers make a difference at funerals

Flowers are always known for their different soothing delicate aroma. Where ever the flowers are kept, they instantly scent the area around. In the olden days utilizing this quality of flowers, they were kept near the dead body. Flowers remove the foul smell of the decomposing body and the gloominess from the atmosphere. Flowers mask the dead body's odor if there is a delay in the funeral procession. Funeral flower delivery in Wilmington is an opportunity through which you can send flowers to the grieved family and bid them a respectful farewell.  

Which flowers are the best to express condolence?

Every flower has its significance and a way to express it. Some by their shade and some by their smell make themselves relevant for an occasion. Death is the most significant truth on Earth. It is hard to accept and bear the pain of a departing soul. Here are some flowers that would help someone in pain and, therefore, can be chosen for funerals.

Lilies- is a strongly scented flower which primarily used in funerals. The presence of this flower symbolizes purity and peace to the departed soul.

Orchids- these are long-lasting flowers no matter which color they are. The presence of this flower around expresses love and affection.

Pink Carnation- is believed to be created from Virgin Mary's tears, so they are the purest and finest flowers to say goodbye.   

Roses- in any color have a different connotation. Deep red roses are mainly used during funerals to represent grief and sorrow.

When death puts people into despair, flowers give them the strength to stay strong. Flowers of all colors, in any season or combination, are a genuine gesture of positivity, brightness, and vigor. is a platform where you will not just find a right for any occasion but their FREE Flower delivery in Wilmington DE option will make things easy for you as well