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Has Sports Technology Really Changed Basketball for the Better?

by Ethan Hamilton - 13 May 2021, Thursday 459 Views Like (0)
Has Sports Technology Really Changed Basketball for the Better?


A Dr. Dish basketball shooting machine or one of the latest variants of the Shoot-A-Way Gun is pretty easy to come by in a basketball training facility. With the advancement of sports over the years, technology has been gradually imparted in each area to improve them and increase their functionality and efficiency.

The apparent pros of a basketball shooting machine:

Dr. Dish and the Shoot-A-Way Guns are the two most prolific names that have dominated the facility basketball machine industry across American training facilities, gyms, schools, and universities. A shooting machine definitely helps build the stamina, flow, rhythm, skill-set, and other essential facets of a basketball player and helps him hone his talents to become a serious contender for the big league- the NBA!

If you are on your way to becoming the most expensive draft pick in the next NBA season, you must be putting in hours of endless practice with a rebounding net basketball or an automatic rebounder. There is no substitute for hard work, but a facility basketball shooting machine can indeed help you do more in less time. It creates an unmatched efficiency that is hardly achieved through manual practice. Some of the perks that these shooting machines provide are-

  • Advantage of customized workout plans-

A basketball hoop installation near me would always invoke a lot of thrill in me. But we had to improvise and create customized workout plans with the help of our mentors and buddies. These days, the basketball shooting machines come with advanced technological offerings that help you hone your shooting percentage and use multiple features to create workout plans that would help develop your real-time anticipation, boxing out, rebounding, and even defensive strategies.

  • Improving performance-

Being a shooter of the caliber of Kevin Durant or Stephen Curry does not happen overnight. You need to put in relentless practice and keep on doing form shooting drills. The advanced basketball shooting machines like the Shoot-A-Way Gun 12k come with a multi-pass selector and several preset positions on the court where they will distribute the ball to your liking. That is where it has the edge over Dr. Dish and helps you to train to the maximum of your capabilities. When you are competing against a technologically robust machine, you are bound to better your performance consequently.

  • Tracking and monitoring your performance-

Advanced basketball shooting machines like the Shoot-A-Way Gun 12k offer a counter where you can measure the percentage of your successful shots. Apart from this, the Gun 12k also offers touchpad integration with all your mobile and smart devices via an app that enables you to track every aspect of your performance, not just shooting. If you are constantly monitoring the critical elements of your game, you can devise ways of overcoming your shortcomings and becoming a more complete player.

You might argue that all these cutting-edge technologies make the Gun 12k more expensive. Indeed, the Dr. Dish shooting machine price is relatively low compared to the Shoot-A-Way Gun variants, but the indigenous American modeling and the power of advanced data analytics integrated with the machine justify its price tag.

Areas of basketball where sports technology has had a positive impact:

Though it is true that the presence and advancement of technology have given a boost to player performance in basketball and have helped them take significant strides into becoming assets for their teams, the introduction of technology has actually changed the overall aspects of the game.

Though the fundamental reason behind the advent of such technology was to propel player performance and honing their skill-sets that were impossible to do manually, they have helped make coaching more straightforward, understanding the game