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The Weekly Madden NFL 22 Ultimate Legends Update Have Arrived

by Walter Moore - 20 Jul 2022, Wednesday 282 Views Like (0)
The Weekly Madden NFL 22 Ultimate Legends Update Have Arrived

This week adds Madden NFL 22 Ultimate Legends Joe Montana, Charle Young, and Dwight Freeney. Complete sets and open packs to get them!

If you are wondering where you can find Madden coins for sale head over to MUTeamGo! The weekly Ultimate Legends update has dutifully arrived in Madden NFL 22. This week highlights three more NFL legends. We are talking about Montana, Young, and Freeney. We have four cards. Two for Montana, one for Young, and one for Freeney. We will have to open packs, complete challenges, and put together sets to get all four cards. To make things easier, visit MUTeamGo for cheap Madden 22 coins.

How to Get This Week's Madden NFL 22 Ultimate Legends

Joe Montana

Position: Strong Arm Quarterback.

OVR: 99.

Stats: 94 speed, 97 acceleration, 94 agility, 99 awareness, 64 strength.

This is a UL Career Edition Limited card. It is exclusively obtained from packs that are bought from the store with Madden NFL 22 coins. For the other three cards, you will complete sets and challenges.

Joe Montana NCAT

Position: Strong Arm Quarterback.

OVR: 94.

Stats: 90 speed, 92 acceleration, 90 agility, 95 awareness, 60 strength.

This card has the Hot Route Master ability equipped.

Charle Young

Position: Vertical Threat Tight End.

OVR: 99.

Stats: 96 speed, 95 acceleration, 93 agility, 98 awareness, 92 strength, 99 jumping.

Dwight Freeney

Position: Speed Rusher Defensive End.

OVR: 99.

Stats: 95 speed, 99 acceleration, 94 agility, 97 awareness, 96 strength, 97 play recognition.

This Ultimate Legends activity comes with a series of three challenges. The completion rewards yield 3,000 Madden NFL 22 coins and three stars. The stars allow you to earn Ultimate Legends collectibles. You get one collectible for three stars. The collectibles are for the Ultimate Legends Career Edition Token Exchange set. It rewards a Career Edition card of choice out of three items. Let's see what you get from the challenges. You get a player's Power-Up card after you complete his challenge. After you complete two players, you get Montana's challenge that rewards the 94 OVR Montana's NCAT card. All three challenges are about the second half of a match.

Young's and Freeney's 99 OVR Ultimate Legends are rewards. Look for the sets called UL: Charle Young and UL: Dwight Freeney. Both sets have the exact requirements. Put together one 97 OVR, three 94 OVR, and six 89 OVR UL items representing the player obtained as a reward and the 99 OVR card will be yours. Don't forget to check out the seventh and final Golden Ticket drop if you are after more high-rated player items!