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Sleepless Master (70)

by Tuula Viinikka - 29 Sep 2022, Thursday 0 Views Like (0)
Sleepless Master (70)

After an earth-shaking noise, the small mound was moved flat in an instant in full view of the public, and the sky began to rain dust. Everyone gaped at Chen Fan and was shocked into a mess. Ha-ha! The power is much stronger than the mechanism bird made of iron essence, even if the master of bone training one layer, bone training two layers, in the absence of preparedness, will be killed by it! Unfortunately, the quantity is too small, only enough to make five, if only to meet a few more batches of fire scorpions. Chen Fan smiled with satisfaction and looked back at the crowd. It seemed that they had all recovered to their peak state. He waved his hand: "Let's go. It will be a long time before we reach the stronghold of Lord Sha." "Go!" The night in the desert is quiet, and it is hard to hear other sounds except the whistling wind and rustling footsteps. Night fell and it was dark. In a flash, Chen Fan's team of 17 people had been wandering in the desert for more than three hours (equivalent to three hours in the real world, game and reality time 2:1). On the way, they were attacked by several groups of sand bandits, but the desert scorpion was never seen again, as if it was extinct. Think about it, after all, the number of animal overlords in the desert like desert fire scorpions is still rare, otherwise, it is not the turn of the sand country to dominate here, if there is an army composed of 100 desert fire scorpions at this stage, sweeping the whole desert is absolutely no pressure.. Far away,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, a desert stronghold suddenly appeared in people's eyes. The stronghold is round in shape, covering an area about the size of two football fields. It is divided into two layers. There are arrow towers, sentry posts, and minions specially responsible for patrolling on the walls. It is a small fortress. What Ah A sentry found Chen Fan and others standing outside the wall of the stronghold. As soon as he shouted, a silver needle pierced his throat in the next second. The poor man fell from the four-meter-high wall with a splash, and his body fell apart. Chen Fan's legs exert themselves, running the "climbing method" in "Plum Blossom Step", like a civet cat, climbing up the city wall. "Like a Shadow" is known as one of the eight flying skills,ultrasonic generator driver, but the main way of this set of skills is to fight with people. When it comes to climbing over the wall and sucking the wall, you still have to use some ordinary flying skills in Jianghu, such as "Climbing the Eaves and Walls", "Plum Blossom Step", "Gecko Walk" and so on. It's not that "Like a Shadow" is not as good as these ordinary flying skills. It can only be said that specialization is different. After a few seconds, Ziyi and others went up the fence one after another, and a few of the minions on sentry duty around them were put down face to face, and there was no time to tip off. My God, our luck seems to be so good.. At the first stronghold, I found the Lord of the Kingdom of Sha! Zhan Hongling gasped. In the dark night, she found that there were desert fire scorpions domesticated by sand bandits in this stronghold, and the number was quite large, as many as twenty! The oversized scorpions were lying motionless, apparently asleep, in their steel-cast enclosure. Look, ultrasonic dispersion machine ,ultrasonic cutting machine, the ten men and women wrapped in headscarves outside the tent! Ten King Kong! Zhan Hongling stretched out her hand and pointed, and everyone looked in the direction of her finger. Far away, at the door of an extremely gorgeous building like a palace, there were ten people, six men and four women, standing side by side. They are the powerful generals under the leadership of the Lord of the Kingdom of Sha, the Ten King Kong! In addition to the ten King Kong, there are eight Dharma protectors, but now can not see people, should be in the'palace ', Chen Fan can feel that there are nine strong internal force fluctuations in the palace. Kill.. With a low roar, he pulled out his steel knife and was about to rush forward, but Chen Fan stopped him: "Don't panic, let me listen to what they are saying first!" At that moment, Chen Fan ran the Eight Heavens "God Ape Refining Qi Sutra", and any sign of trouble within a radius of 500 meters was immediately taken away by him. "Once the Lord of the Kingdom has refined this excellent martial arts, we will have a good life. What's the saying?"? Ha-ha! I remember-the sky is high and the sea is wide, let the birds fly, and the fish swim in the continuous rivers! At that time, who dares to oppose us? The Lord of the Kingdom can slap him to death! "Brother, there is a saying that I don't know whether to ask or not." "If you have something to say, don't be coy like a woman!" "Lord, what kind of kungfu is he practicing?"? I only remember that yesterday, the Eight Dharma Protectors brought back a huge tripod. Damn, do you want to die? Dare to speak so loudly! The voice suddenly dropped: "I'm not afraid to tell you that the kungfu practiced by the eldest brother is called the Golden Tripod Divine Skill. Once it is refined, it can turn the internal force into a golden tripod to cover the whole body. If you practice this kungfu successfully, it will be invulnerable to bullets, fire and water, and all kinds of poisons!"! It is the best one among countless body protection skills! The Golden Tripod Divine Skill? Never heard of.. I've only heard of "Golden Bell Jar", "Iron Cloth Shirt", "Golden Buddha Gong".. "Pooh, Pooh, Pooh!"! You said these kungfu, compared with "Jin Ding Shen Gong", that is slag! Compare ants to elephants and tigers to tigers! "Uh.." However, why is it that when practicing this kungfu, the country mainly calls in the eight protectors of the Dharma? If you say you are stupid, you are not smart! It is very difficult to practice this skill. Every time you perform it, you have to consume a lot of internal force. You must have a master around you. Otherwise, you will be sucked dry by the magic skill and become a useless person! "Well.." It seems that the magic skill is not so easy to practice. "Nonsense." "Jin Ding Shen Gong.." Chen Fan scattered the internal force, murmured a sentence to himself, and turned to look at the Dynasty: "Is it possible that your set of" Tianshi Roar "must also be instilled with internal force by six people before you can start practicing?" "Damn, how do you even know that?" Dynasty one is stupefied, he is unlike Chen Fan, have a set of superior internal strength, so did not hear the words that minions a and B say. It seems that what those two minions said is true! Chen Fan roared in a low voice, "I'll explain the reason for this to you later. While Lord Sha is practicing kungfu and has no time to be separated, I'll kill him!" Seventeen figures fell neatly on the ground, and a group of patrol minions nearby turned pale with fright at the sight of these uninvited guests and beat the warning gongs and drums in their hands. Clang, clang,ultrasonic extraction cbd, clang! Clang, clang, clang! "Enemy attack!"! Enemy attack! ?