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Hachifu Linmen full text reading, novel Hachifu Linmen full text free online reading

by Saara Kiprusoff - 29 Sep 2022, Thursday 0 Views Like (0)
Hachifu Linmen full text reading, novel Hachifu Linmen full text free online reading

"This is the first time I've said these words today I've never said them to anyone before including Houxian That boy is quick-witted unreliable and a friend of Nangongqiu Telling him is tantamount to telling Nangongqiu so I can't let him know" I said slowly as I scrubbed the cloth towel Why "He is an elegant man" "Well he is also a member of the Shadow Palace If the Shadow Palace serves the court" That's all right "You want Nangongqiu" I turned to look at Xuanyuan Yifei who was already lying on his side in bed with one hand on his face looking lazy and tired A wind like silk rolled over Xuanyuan Yifei's indifferent face and raised a thin strand of his hair With the disappearance of the wind the wisp of light purple hair slowly fell again 16K "I want the Shadow Palace" A moment later he said the words and at the same time he closed his eyelids to cover the edge of the moment Xuanyuan Yifei what he wants is the Shadow Palace If you can get Nangong Qiu It's like getting the shadow palace I looked at him for a long time then lay down on the bed this sentence I can not say my heart told me this secret can not be said Just as I had promised Nangongqiu to keep secret for him the Minerals & Metallurgy secret was that Xuanyuan Yifei did not know that it was Nangongqiu who fought with him Nangongqiu Think of him the heart is a burst of guilt this guilt with the passing of the day but did not fade On the contrary it is getting deeper and deeper On the second day I entered the Huguo Mansion This was the third time I had stepped into the Huguo Mansion For the first time I was the lady who protected the country Feng Qingya The second time I was happy in the Hundred Flowers Palace And this time It's Xuanyuan Yifei's favorite concubine Piaopiao Feng Qingya did not receive me personally but let Xiao Ruo lead me to the backyard where is the Jingxin Pavilion Beside the man-made pond there is a four-corner pavilion with a wide field of vision and an elegant environment Everyone can see clearly and avoid gossip Hou Xian followed me all the way and bowed his head Recently he was addicted to acting as a eunuch When he had nothing to do he learned to play with eunuchs No when the distant dust and the song of departure had not yet arrived and Xiao Ruo left he played again Madam Are we going to spend the day here He pinched his throat and breathed softly My eyelids drooped and my face was covered with black lines Madam let's go and play Right now I'm covered in chicken skin Speak well! I finally couldn't help but stop the back string from making cool air Ma'am cough cough cough I said madam how boring it is to play the piano and flute here Let's go out to play 16K Mobile phone station wap? 16k? The back string finally returned to normal and sat beside me and pulled my sleeve I frowned "I have a task ah if you feel bored to play on your own" "Then" How unkind so learn half a day play half a day by the way we have a few more moves China Factory With you Come on it's not like I'm not stupid It's okay to be beaten "Madam is lying again You obviously know martial arts Otherwise how could those two boys vomit blood like that last night" "That's" As he spoke he saw the distant dust coming slowly He quickly shut up looked at each other with the back string and took his places Xuanyuan Yifei gave me the task of investigating the distant dust finding out the secret of the map and preferably persuading the distant dust to surrender He learned from Xuanyuan Yifei that he was not sure whether the far dust was going to rebel but his spies that is spent did bring him the news that the far dust had changed and this time it was none other than Danyu who helped the far dust There are two kinds of rebellion civil and official The folk is usually the working people for the sake of XXXX and OOOO this theory is understood by everyone not explained in detail Official rebellions usually take advantage of neighboring countries offer some benefits borrow some troops and then cooperate from inside to outside to seek to usurp the throne This is simple to say complex is not a day or two ten chapters and a hundred chapters can be explained Miss Piao Piao Far dust slightly a ceremony I immediately got up superior far dust for respect courtesy or to do thoroughly Piaopiao has seen Mr yuanchen "Let's get started" "Yes" A simple dialogue opened the prelude to learning the piano Thus I began to learn the piano in Huguofu which can be said to be the quietest and most leisurely days when I came to this world In the daytime he went to the Huguo Mansion to practice the lute and in the evening he returned to the palace Xuanyuan Yifei never asked me what happened that day Energy and I had nothing to report Everything tends to be calm but I know that Xuanyuan Yifei's heart is not calm and should be very urgent Spent the so-called map I looked at it every day and studied it every day but the seven red dots were so profound that even Xuanyuan Yifei looked at it and sighed During this period of time I also incidentally taught all the moves I knew in Tai Chi to the back string and the back string also taught me to practice Qi and move Qi Over time although I could not climb the eaves and walls I could barely jump over a wall The only anomaly is that the song never appeared he did not want to teach me to blow after all he is really a poor and sad man Lan Yan was trapped in the Huguo Mansion just because he was liked by Feng Xueyin Wind and snow sound is really vicious he can not get from the song to do such a sinister thing not only let the song from the loss of freedom of action but also put him under house arrest No wonder Feng Qingya said to me at that time that moving away from the song was death It turned out that he was the person that Feng Xueyin wanted Assuming that Feng Xueyin's ambition is not only the mother of a country but also the throne then when she sits on the throne the first thing she must do is to marry Li Ge into the palace so it is not superfluous for her to be under house arrest now But why did she break the hamstring of the song When a man breaks the wings of a bird what does he do To keep him from flying Could it be The kung fu of the song of departure is higher than that of the Feng sisters That's why we have to break his hamstring to prevent him from escaping It's so cruel that it makes people shudder This time the purpose is far away from the dust not from the song Miss Piaopiao has made rapid progress these days Far dust nodded with satisfaction I have learned from him for seven days these seven days he did not go out he did not go out and how to contact the outside world So Xuanyuan Yifei is also a little relieved I smile faintly "It is the childe of far dust that teaches well" "That's all for today" "Good" Stand up and salute