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10 Reasons Why Startups Should Consider Flutter for Mobile App Development?

by James Burns - 25 Jul 2022, Monday 346 Views Like (0)
10 Reasons Why Startups Should Consider Flutter for Mobile App Development?

What is flutter?

Flutter is termed as one of the Free and open-sourced environments owned by Google. This platform is used to create mobile as well as desktop-based applications. Flutter is not just limited to a framework or library instead it is a full Software development kit. SDK or software development kit consists of both APIs, frameworks, and libraries.

Flutter supports many app development platforms. For mobile apps, it supports both Android and IOS and for desktop apps, it supports Windows, MAC, and Linux OS. Flutter was launched in the year 2017 and was updated to version 2.0 last year. Currently, it is one of the highest used platforms for mobile and desktop app development.

Flutter is capable of developing different applications based on multiple platforms. One can develop applications for platforms like Android and IOS using a single language named Dart. Dart is a particular object-oriented programming language.

Flutter basically focuses on the helping elements like the widgets. Flutter designs a particular user interface using different widgets. The use of a single coding language makes Flutter mobile app development a much easier process.

Characteristic Features of Flutter:

Here are some of the characteristic features of Flutter mentioned below:

Faster preview: Flutter consists of a faster preview of the work which you have done. If you have made any form of changes then you can immediately preview it on flutter. This will make your work process much faster and also improvise work accuracy.

Multiple platforms: Flutter uses such a set of code that will work on multiple platforms like Android and IOS. This single code feature simplifies the time and effort of the developers.

Set of Widgets: Flutter consists of different widgets. Widgets are used in designing the user interface of a particular mobile application. Developers can also develop a customizable widget. The customizable widget can be developed so that developers can make changes according to the userís requirements.

Native Performance: Flutter provides its users with native performance. It consists of different widget libraries for different platforms like Android and IOS. So the users can use them in building a particular mobile app for the userís desired platform. Flutter basically works no a native app development for both platforms Android and IOS.

These are basically some of the characteristic features of Flutter. These have cleared all the key facts of Mobile app development using Flutter. Basically, if you need to develop a mobile or desktop app using flutter then you have to do expertise in dart language or you can also hire dedicated flutter developers. Flutter is used to develop cross-platform mobile applications.

Advantages of Flutter

Flutter has got so many advantages of which we are discussing some of the advantages below:

Increase Productivity level: As we have already discussed that Flutter uses the same set of code. Same code for the application development on both the platforms Android and IOS. This will be a time and cost-saving process and also increase the productivity level of the developers.

Simple and faster process: As we already know Mobile application development is a challenging process that consumes a lot of time for developers. Mobile App development is one of the easiest and fastest procedures using Flutter. As we have earlier discussed flutter provides you a faster preview of the changes that are made by developers in the code.

Free and Open Source: Another big advantage of flutter is that it is an open-source mobile software development kit. It is available online freely. Each and everyone can use it with a basic knowledge of design and development.

Reduced Coding: Flutter has reduced the requirement of code or access coding. The SDK already consists of different libraries for different platforms. Flutter uses the same set of code for applications of different platforms. So there is no need to write different code for the application of the different platforms.

Reduce testing time: Flutter reduces the testing time of mobile applications because of the same set of code used to develop applications for multiple platforms. Due to the same codebase, there is no need to test the applications that belong to multiple platforms.

Cross-Platform tools: There are several other platforms like a flutter in which the UI of mobile apps looks almost the same. Flutter SDK consists of different cross-platform tools which provide different UI for applications of different platforms. This leads to providing a different design setup for different applications.

These are some of the reasons which enable all the users to use flutter. It is currently considered one of the best SDKs for mobile app development. One can start developing mobile applications using flutter if he has the knowledge of the Dart language. It can be the main reason to hire flutter developers. Flutter follows a particular App development process in order to develop applications for multiple platforms. It is capable of developing cross-platform mobile applications using a similar code.

Disadvantages of Flutter

We have already discussed the advantages of flutter SDK now we are going to discuss some of its limitations.

Limited tools and libraries: There are only a limited amount of tools and libraries available in a flutter. It is not possible for a developer to add some other dynamic features to the mobile applications. It is because of the limitation of tools and libraries.

Larger File Size: Applications developed using Flutter SDK (software development kit) are much larger in size. These applications take a lot of time to load on other devices because of their huge size.

Lack of browser support: Currently Flutter is not supported by most browsers. Maybe in future updates, browser support will be available for flutter applications but it is not sure.

Need a lot of resources: Installation of flutter needs a lot of resources. We have to arrange the compatible systems for it and also need a particular platform for running flutter SDK.


We have discussed a lot of things about Flutter. We have discussed its features, advantages, and disadvantages with a detailed description of flutter. Finally, we have arrived at a conclusion that Flutter is a good mobile app development SDK. There are some the disadvantages like the same layout and same UI for applications designed for both platforms. Instead, Flutter also provides different advantages like the Same code for multi-platform development. It also saves time and effort for the developers and obviously the limited code. It depends on users' requirements if you need it for your business then you can use it for sure.