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2 Basic Ways AI Has Changed Websites for the Better

by Amy Watson - 08 Aug 2022, Monday 219 Views Like (0)
2 Basic Ways AI Has Changed Websites for the Better

Not so long ago, a business may or may not have a website. It didn’t matter much in terms of sales and conversions. 

And then, the Covid pandemic happened to us. It was then that business owners realized how owning a website can change the game of their business. 

The result is, that today hundreds of small startups are giving a tough fight to big brand names. Due to this, there is a cut throat competition in any and every kind of business. In short, businesses are trying every way to attract as many users as possible. Engaging on social media, and hiring influencers to review to suggest their products are just a few of them. After all, users too, expect you to be online.

The need is so intense that even web development companies are discovering new ways to have more engaging websites. One of them is using AI (artificial intelligence) on websites to make them more engaging.

In this article we note down two ways, how web developers of Cube InfoTech, a Toronto web development company uses AI to make engaging websites.

Semantic search is a more human way to yield results

Till 2012, searches were lexical. That means, that the search was more of a literal search. Web Developers say that lexical search results were more or less literal or variant matches, to the words you may type in for the query. That’s why, if you misspell your search, the search result will give you a result that you are not looking for. 

But today search is about things, not strings 

In 2013, Google launched Knowledge hub. Over there, you got to know the answers to common questions like ”What’s the largest animal on the Earth” or “How did Abraham Lincoln die”, etc.

These were the initial days when with Artificial Intelligence's help, the website got to know user intent, instead of the word string you may have typed. 

Today, Austin web developers regularly use semantic search for the websites they create. That's because, even if a user misspells or doesn't use a complete phrase for a search, the answers to those will match a user’s intent. 

Developers love AI-assisted chat boxes

You will come across chat boxes more often than ever on various websites. They in technical terms are called conversational user interfaces (CUI). As the word "conversation" suggests, they use natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU) to have a conversation with you. 

Chatbox is an AI assistant that mimics a human being (Not exactly, but very much similar). 

As per a Microsoft report, around 47% of Americans use chatbox as an alternative to customer service. Moreover, around 58% of people have found it to be effective in meeting their needs.

To Conclude

Change is a word that never changes. True to the T, web design is steadily advancing into new shapes and forms. All this is possible because of the presence of artificial intelligence.