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Buy Kvm-Based Hong Kong Vps Server With Ssd Storage and From Onlive Server

by karan kashyap - 26 Aug 2022, Friday 224 Views Like (0)
Buy Kvm-Based Hong Kong Vps Server With Ssd Storage and From Onlive Server

Onlive Server offers the best Hong Kong VPS Server with SSD Storage. It provides different VPS hosting plans with unlimited bandwidths to your high-traffic business site. And it gives both Windows and Linux Operating systems on these VPS plans. Dedicated IPs are also available for your websites, providing you with more than one IP address on each server, depending on your requirements. With its 99% uptime guarantee, you can be assured that your website will always be up and running without downtime.

It provides a high-quality Hong Kong VPS Server from its data Centre, China., ensuring that all our services are delivered on time and error-free. We offer a cPanel control panel that allows you to manage all your domains, email accounts, files, databases, etc., from one place.

Why Buy Onlive Serverís Hong Kong VPS Hosting Plan?

Onlive Server Hong Kong VPS Hosting Plan is the best solution for your business. They offer a variety of hosting plans which are suitable for all types of companies and websites. Their experts manage the servers and will assist you with any query you might have about your website or server. The benefits of this plan are limitless, and you will be able to enjoy them by purchasing this plan from us.

You can use any operating system, such as Linux or Windows, to run your website quickly without having compatibility issues. Their experts provide 24/7 customer support through email or phone calls whenever needed. We will help you resolve problems quickly without delaying your business growth process.

The features of using the Hong Kong VPS Server are listed below:

  • Easy to manage and maintain.
  • Provides more resources than shared hosting.
  • Helps in customization of the website and apps.
  • Provides high-speed connectivity to customers globally.
  • High performance and low latency
  • High security and privacy

Why should I choose SSD VPS over HDD storage?

It is the best option if you are looking for cheap, reliable, and high-performance VPS hosting. The CPU power of this server is enough for running heavy programs like video editing, web development, or websites with many visitors at a time. And we provide a reliable and high-performance server with SSD storage, making the server faster and more responsive. This allows you to run multiple applications simultaneously without any disturbance.

SSD storage has several advantages over HDDs:

Faster speed: SSD storage is much quicker than HDD as it uses flash memory technology, providing faster read/write speeds than HDDs.

Better durability: SSDs use almost no moving parts, making them more durable than HDDs. They have a lower failure rate than HDDs but donít last forever. Sooner or later, they will wear out and need replacement, so itís better to choose SSDs over HDDs if your budget allows it.

Better performance: HDD drives are slower than SSDs due to their mechanical nature, which makes them move around when theyíre written/read from a disk drive, while SSDs do not have this limitation.

Choosing your operating system: Linux or Windows OS

Linux is the most popular commercial server operating system. It is a free and open-source operating system. That means you can install applications that run on Linux, like MySQL or Apache, on your machine and have them automatically work with your SQL and web server software. In addition, youíll find that there are many more available Linux-related resources on the Web than there are for Windows. The advantages of running a Linux-based server include tight security, better performance, and greater flexibility in terms of hardware configuration.

Windows Server comes in several different versions, such as Windows Server 2007/2010/2012/2016/2019. Each performance includes various features for small businesses or large corporations. The Essentials version has only a web server license, while the Datacenter version includes more advanced features such as network storage and clustering technologies.

The Benefits of VPS Server Hosting 

It is a virtual server that runs on top of an existing server. VPS Hosting Service is a cost-effective alternative to dedicated servers and offers all the benefits of these servers.

Flexibility: You will have complete control over the virtualization of your website. So, you can pick the size, RAM, CPU, and even choose which operating system you want to use (e.g., Linux or Windows). You can also decide whether or not you wish to use root access to install additional software packages on your servers, such as caching or application monitoring tools.

High Security: Hong Kong VPS Hosting Services are encrypted so no one can access your data without authorization. This also includes backups, which means you can restore your site if it gets hacked or deleted.

Affordable Cost: You can buy a VPS at a low price. Our prices are much lower than other providers in the market.

Ease of use: VPS servers are easy to set up and can be managed with a few clicks of your mouse. Plus, VPS hosting providers offer 24/7 support, so you can always be in touch with your host if you have any questions or concerns about your account.

Frequently asked questions

What are backups and server security?

We offer reliable backups and robust security features to keep your data safe. With our VPS server, youíll get weekly backups, daily malware scanning, and firewalls to keep your data safe.

Can I contact them via phone or live chat?

Yes, you can quickly contact us via phone or live chat support.