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Google Pixelbook 12IN Review (Specs, Price, & Performance)

by arjun aatri - 16 May 2022, Monday 437 Views Like (0)
Google Pixelbook 12IN Review (Specs, Price, & Performance)

This is a comprehensive Google Pixelbook 12in the review guide.

This is where you can learn about its performance, features Pros and cons, prices, and just about everything that can help you make the best buying choice.

So, let's jump right into...

You wouldn't believe that compact Chromebooks are on the market with distinctively designed designs.

What sets Chromebooks from regular computers and laptops is their emphasis on speed and efficiency. They run their version of the Chrome OS, a distinct operating system built-in to cloud storage. which is the top feature of Google, and numerous security strategies against diverse dangers.

One of the best examples of a top Chromebook of recent years is Google's Pixelbook 12 inches which have been a hit on the market with its stylish design, superior specifications, and affordable prices.

It was the Chromebook Pixel, another popular alternative to the older generation was the precursor to Google's newest next-generation device the name Pixelbook.

The resemblance in the name indicates an indication that Pixelbook isn't just an improved version that's based on Google's Google Pixelbook. It's a completely different design with major upgrades to the model.

It's only natural that an extremely-priced computer will come with a high price but the main issue is whether the Chromebook is affordable.

We have several reasons to think that Google Pixelbook could be an ideal choice for those who have specific requirements.

Google Pixelbook 12in  A Brief Introduction

While the Pixelbook has quick charging, however, the battery life isn't its most impressive attribute and isn't even up to the standards set by older Chromebooks which cost much less.

The fact is, Pixelbook is clear of other Chromebooks thanks to the recent introduction of Android application support, delivering an enhanced and more seamless experience for users by linking all their features together.


Kudos to Google for their visionary work.

The concept of a slim laptop that has an aspect ratio of 3:2 does not sound appealing. However, the overall design of the Pixelbook makes it one of the most appealing laptops currently available.

The unibody aluminium model of Pixelbook is extremely slim with a contemporary and practical design. The wrist rests made of silicon and accents are just a few more aspects that deserve being praised.

The uniqueness of the Pixelbook is how it is described as a small laptop. It's not designed to look or feel like typical laptops, and instead is a stunning replica of a notebook.

In particular, it is a reflection of the appeal of older, worn-out notebooks with Seattle stitching that you'd like to have among your collections!

When it comes to the precise dimensions, the stunningly slim laptop is 10.3mm which is enclosed in aluminium and clear plastic. As the name implies, measures 12 inches in width with the default resolution of 2400x1600 pixels. It is superior to the high-end screen of the Apple Retina in terms of its 235ppi pixel density, which gives the sharpest display when compared to the other models.

The Pixelbook weighs only 2.5 pounds, which makes it a breeze in carrying. The lightweight that the computer has makes it an ideal option for those who have to travel a lot and carry laptops to be with them throughout the day.

The Pixelbook has two power-drawing USB Type-C ports on its sides. It also features an audio jack located on the left.


It's easy to treat a laptop worth a thousand dollars as if it were a child. Never let it go beyond your eyes, and not take it out of your grasp. Unfortunately, things happen, and you could be able to drop the laptop off of your desk. This is why durability is a crucial element to be considered before purchasing the field of technology.

Laptopmag carried out a drop test on one of the 11 most well-known Chromebooks to evaluate the quality of the Pixelbook.

The conclusion was that, while Pixelbook isn't the most durable laptop, it's the strongest and most durable Chromebook available on the market.

Laptopmag fell the Pixelbook off a height of up to 4.5 feet on the concrete and carpet, only to see that the Pixelbook was unharmed.

In the words of the Pixelbook's creators, it appeared that the Pixelbook was just out of the box for the first time.


To be economical, it needs to be capable and have strong specifications and amazing features. Without the right specifications, the price tag of the Pixelbook is not justified.

Thankfully, Google hasn't let us down in this department.

Let's take a brief look at the specifications this 12 inch Google Pixelbook offers to users --


Previous versions made us believe that the Chromebook could not come with the powerful specifications that would ensure smooth performance.

With the introduction of the Google Pixelbook 12, we finally have a Chromebook with the power we need to use.

With the power from the 7th-generation Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, The Pixelbook performs like a knife through a cake smooth and sleek.

But, it is important to note explicitly that these are ultra-low-power variants, which is a similar representation of the earlier Core m processors rather than more modern CPUs that power top-of-the-line laptops.

They can be paired using up to 16GB RAM as well as up to 500GB of NVMe storage to enhance immersion and maximize the performance of laptops.

Its Core i5 is efficient, operating at 1.2GHz and up to 3.3 GHz increase. Its Core i7, on the contrary, is capable of operating at 1.3GHz and up to 3.6GHz increase.

If it's about memory capacity Pixelbook will handle any amount between 8GB and 16GB RAM. This is in addition to the SSD capacity of up to 500GB.

Even with the absence of the most efficient specifications, you'll be able to have a smooth laptop. the form of a Google Pixelbook with a Core i5-7Y57 processor that comes with approximately 8GB of memory. While it's not the performance that the Pixelbook can manage, however, it's able to be able to use Android applications with no sign of delay.

Furthermore, you can split your screen when you are watching an HD YouTube clip and open more than a dozen tabs at once.

In terms of the best feature, this Pixelbook includes Intel HD 615 graphics chip. Intel HD 615 graphics chip that helps smooth the visuals and smooth speed of performance. It can provide at least 60 frames per second during the test of WebGL Aquarium.

According to the Geekbench 4 overall performance test, the Pixelbook scored a healthy 7,927, beating its ultraportable notebook counterparts by a solid margin.

In the same way to Pixelbook's JetStream JavaScript benchmark that aims to assess the performance of web applications scored 145 for Pixelbook.

Google's Chromebook scored higher over Samsung's Chromebook Pro and the Asus Chromebook Flip.

However, it appears that the Yoga 920 did manage to surpass Pixelbook by a substantial margin.


Before the introduction of Google Pixelbook 12, we were told that 1080p was the top quality Chromebooks could provide.

Pixelbook's bright and vibrant display comes with a resolution of 2400x1600-pixels which means that buyers should not take any less than the very best.

Pixelbook's display can produce 117 % of the sRGB spectrum, illuminating the display with vivid and vibrant shades, which makes the 4K video on YouTube appear crystal clear and almost real.

The display and colour correction in the laptop is superior to the traditional laptops on the market, over some of the best brands such as Lenovo Yoga 920 or the Lenovo Yoga920 as well as the Chromebook Flip by Asus C302CA.

Google Pixelbook Google Pixelbook emits up to 421 nits, which increases the brightness of the screen required to see vivid colours with 75 degrees to both sides.

The laptops are generally accessible in the 290-nit range which is generally available exceeding the standard threshold by a substantial margin.

The top of the line is the multitouch screen. While the feature was present in earlier versions of Chromebooks as well but it is now a major highlight in Google's Pixelbook due to the compatibility it has with Android applications as well as traditional web-based apps.

Additionally, during regular use, you will notice that the display of the Pixelbook offers audio touch recognition that is accurate and has minimal or any mistakes. The user experience will be, therefore, effortless and seamless.


Sound quality is one area in which the Pixelbook was a bit sloppy.

To give you no false impression that the Pixelbook can be loud when you wish it to be loud enough so that you can hear your favourite track across a vast auditorium. But, the sound is lacking the clarity of bass.

When you listen to your favourite music, you'll be able to appreciate the crisp and loud drums and vocals, but not notice subtle hints of bass. This shouldn't be a problem since most people use an external device such as headphones to listen to music from laptops.

Battery Life

You can expect a great battery life with Chromebooks. Chromebook.

Unfortunately, the Pixelbook isn't able to meet expectations in this category. Indeed, the Pixelbook isn't your typical Chromebook laptop which is why it's certainly not a surprise.

According to the Laptop Mag Battery Test, the Chromebook did not last for more than 7 hours, 43 mins which is less than the standard 8 hours and 34 minutes for the category.

But Google has made amends for the mistake by offering the feature of fast charging batteries and a promise of the battery's life to be 2 hours after only 15 minutes of charging.


I'm sure you don't consider investing in laptops that heat quickly.

Thankfully it's a good thing that the Google Pixelbook remains cool even after long hours of intense operation. Oddly, just one area on the laptop heats up.

According to Laptopmag the Pixelbook recorded comfortable temperatures in different areas after just 15 minutes of stream. However, the outer edge that the laptop sits on (where the hinges and hinges of it are) was an even hotter spot that reached 101 degrees Fahrenheit. This was well above the comfort zone of 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Additional Features

From accessories such as Bluetooth 4.2 to the addition of additional devices such as the Google Pixelbook Chromebook has a lot to provide.

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