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How Blue Prism Rpa Implementation Boosts Customer Support Efficiency

by Elena Mia - 10 Oct 2022, Monday 284 Views Like (0)
How Blue Prism Rpa Implementation Boosts Customer Support Efficiency

The sole purpose of rolling out new products or running an enterprise revolves around fulfilling customer needs. Modern customers no longer rely on call centers or phones to resolve their queries. They can now access services via multiple digital platforms in today's modern ecosystem. Customers expect high-quality customer service from businesses via the most convenient platform. They are more likely to abandon a request or even a company itself if they get enforced to compose lengthy emails, use an insecure voice response system, or deal with a poorly built chat system.

Therefore, client-facing teams and organizations must leverage technological advancements to thrive and prosper in the domain. RPA is one such technology that effectively helps businesses bridge the gap between customer assistance and service operations. RPA software like Blue Prism can act as a digital advisor and offer business-critical support for customers around the clock.

Introduction to Blue Prism RPA

Blue Prism is a leader in developing intelligent Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software that helps organizations modernize complicated processes. Blue Prism RPA software automates repetitive, time-consuming tasks by employing a responsive Digital Workforce.

Blue Prism�s Digital Workforce functionality seamlessly emulates business processes, like humans. This platform helps companies to modernize operations without broad customization of present IT systems and other time-intensive efforts. By associating with the right Blue Prism Development Company, enterprises can gain a greater level of automation with fast deployment and considerably less investment.

Why Use Blue Prism RPA for Customer Service

Customer service teams can significantly benefit from Blue Prism RPA bots as it enhances customer service by reducing back-office and administrative workloads. RPA robots accelerate customer service by accumulating and centralizing data across several systems, automatically updating client records, and performing service requests. By assigning regular, time-intensive tasks, like customer service request processing to bots, companies can free up their customer support team to focus on user engagement instead of doing manual labor. Implementing Blue Prism RPA solutions also allows businesses to introduce new service models for their customers and enhance productivity.

Benefits of Implementing Blue Prism RPA Solutions

Blue Prism RPA bots for Customer service allow businesses to automate a range of mundane and labor-intensive tasks. Let�s look at some business benefits of implementing them:

  1. Cost Effective�Blue Prism RPA solutions are beneficial for enterprises to reduce operational costs and improve efficiency. When a customer-facing business or team employs the Blue Prism RPA-powered system, the AHT (Average Handling Time) of a customer can be significantly reduced. Accordingly, the processing costs can also be reduced to half.
  2. Process Enhancements � Blue Prism bots uphold compliance, enhance process predictability, adhere to regulations, lessen errors, and improve efficiency. Moreover, it ensures that all changes to customer records get recorded instantly within the system.
  3. Enhanced Customer Experience - Around 40% of customers prefer self-service customer support from businesses. Blue Prism robots allow businesses to easily cater to these audiences while also upgrading the overall customer experience. By deploying Chatbots, customers can reach their company 24/7. This allows customers to resolve all common issues on their own at any time of the day.
  4. Better Agent Satisfaction - Agents devote a substantial amount of time finding and tracking user information across various systems. RPA customer service bots can accomplish this task by looking up the process swiftly, allowing agents to moderate lead times and deliver greater support.

Besides, by employing Blue Prism RPA bots, the risk of human errors can be greatly reduced, resulting in greater customer satisfaction. Therefore, customer support agents can interact with clients in a more rapid and personalized approach.

Applications of Blue Prism RPA in Customer Service

Assist Customer Service Agents

Predominantly, customers expect service agents to comprehend their specific expectations and requirements, like who they are and what product or service they have purchased. A Blue Prism RPA bot can acquire information about the customer to address this problem, such as previous complaints, tickets, demographics, and sales history, and send it to the customer service agent ahead of time, allowing them to forecast customer queries and rapidly solve the problem.

Automate Email Responses

Blue Prism RPA robots can extract data from different databases and compose emails in response to consumer requests automatically. For instance, customer service bots can pull data from:

  • Marketing database to offer users information about promotions and vouchers
  • Logistics database to inform users about products dispatched or shipment tracking information
  • FAQ database to respond about physical shop/warehouse�s operational hours
  • IT documentation to resolve product troubleshooting queries
  • Finance database to produce invoices to consumers via emails

RPA customer service bots can also access the ticket system database, produce ticket closure emails and send them to users who have created an issue in the ticket system or filed a complaint online.

Self-Account Creation

By deploying Blue Prism bots with the help of the right Blue Prism Support team, businesses can manage their customer�s sign-in process by enabling RPA to access encoded credentials securely. By using the capabilities of Robotic Process Automation, businesses can provide their customers with a self-service option by offering access to a wide range of back-end applications to create their accounts. This use case can especially benefit the eCommerce and banking sectors.

Communicate Customer Concerns

Blue Prism RPA bots can leverage Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand customer complaints in text messages and emails. The bots can automatically extract complaint data, feed it into text documents and spreadsheets, and produce reports. These resulting reports can be helpful for businesses to direct the concerns to related customer support personnel, classify issue pattern detection, and perform a compliance audit.

Fast User Refunds

Businesses can use Blue Prism RPA software to streamline the whole customer refund practice. Automating this process allows consumers to instantly receive a cash refund for reverted products without extended customer service interaction or additional efforts. This helps in enhancing the customer experience. A wide range of sectors like retail, eCommerce, and hospitality can benefit from this use case.

Wrapping Up

Undoubtedly, RPA is a pioneering technology for businesses. Organizations that handle a high volume of customer-facing processes must implement Blue Prism RPA to speed up their systems. This technology offers a huge positive impact, so businesses can stay assured of obtaining a good ROI.