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Manual Methods to Export Thunderbird Mailbox to MS Outlook

by Subhash Chander - 16 Jul 2022, Saturday 393 Views Like (0)
Manual Methods to Export Thunderbird Mailbox to MS Outlook

We all know, MS Outlook is one of the most popular applications used to communicate via email. However, there are some companies stuck with Mozilla Thunderbird. Because of the incompatibility issue with emails, they are not able to open them on MS Outlook. The most significant issue is moving Thunderbird emails into Outlook, however they are not able to accomplish this. So, in this article, I'm going to discuss some manual methods which will aid you in viewing Thunderbird emails in MS Outlook.

Methods to Export Thunderbird Mailbox to Outlook using Attachments

There are two options to see the email messages of the Thunderbird application within Outlook. The first is a manual method which will assist you in transfer all your emails from Thunderbird to MS Outlook.

Note- It's widely known that Mozilla Thunderbird supports MBOX files and MS Outlook supports PST files. This means that first, we change an MBOX files to PST before importing PST file into MS Outlook.

Manual Method for MBOX to PST Conversion

In the beginning, you should save all Thunderbird Email in the EML file.

  • Open your Thunderbird Application on your computer.

  • Select the Email you'd like to transfer.

  • Click CTRL + A to open all emails in one go.

  • Select the Save as option to save the Emails as an EML format..

The next step is to transfer the EML files to Outlook Express. This means you must Install Outlook Express. Outlook Express Application into your PC or laptop.

  • Start Outlook Express.

  • Then Create a new Folder within Outlook Express and Rename it.

  • Navigate to the folder in which you saved the EML files in the past.

  • Drag and drop all EML files into the new folder.

  • You can now view all of the EML email messages within Outlook Express.

Once you've successfully imported all of the files into Outlook Express, you can then add your Outlook Express Emails in MS Outlook.

  • Launch the MS Outlook Application on your system.

  • Choose the Import/Export option within the File

  • Choose from the option to import Internet addresses and mail option, and go to the next.

  • Select to select the Outlook Express option and then click on the Import Mail

  • Then click the Next button, and then finally the Finish button in order to complete the entire process.

When the entire process, all EML file will have been transferred into MS Outlook. You can now learn how to transfer all Thunderbird Emails with attachments to MS Outlook.

Professional Regain MBOX to PST Converter Tool

If you're looking for an automatic solution you should consider using the MBOX file converter software. The software is secure and doesn't affect the operation of your system. With just a few clicks, the user can export Thunderbird Emails to MS Outlook. However it is not necessary to be an expert in technology to utilize this tool.

Steps to Transfer MBOX emails to Outlook

  • Launch Regain MBOX Converter software and then click on Add Files button.

  • Select your MBOX files you'd like to convert.

  • Choose Option to save into PST and then move on.

  • Select what you want to save and click on Save. location for saving and then click OK, to begin the saving process.

  • When you've completed this saving step, you'll receive a  acknowledgment email.

You can now easily transfer all of the PST files to your Outlook account. You can view all emails within MS Outlook. This is how you can transfer Thunderbird Emails to Outlook.

Why is an Automated Tool More Effective?

As you can see , the manual procedure involves many steps, and it could be difficult for a novice user to follow these steps. For a beginner, this program has been created to be a simple tool that does not require any technical knowledge. In addition, it's safe and no email will be lost when emails are transferred between Thunderbird into Outlook.


You are now aware of both methods to open emails from Thunderbird Emails to MS Outlook. It's your choice what method of conversion is best for your needs. If you don't have the technical know-how, I suggest you utilize the tool that is automated. The ball is on your court , and you must to choose the right method. I hope that you've found your answer in this post.